Disney subsidiary compliments other Disney subsidiary over breaking record.

I’m not going to link to that ridiculous piece of marketing agitprop; suffice it to say that LucasFilms* sent a congratulatory note to Marvel Studios over Infinity War beating The Force Awakens for domestic gross.  As both are actually owned by, you, know, Disney and everything this is probably not exactly a spontaneous, gracious gesture. It’s certainly not really evocative of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg giving golf claps to each other. (more…)


Walt Disney to acquire LucasFilm (and it’s worse than you think).

This news is undoubtedly going to have people screaming “DO NOT WANT” for some time, but let me really piddle in your corn flakes: you know all those Star Wars parodies?  All those great ones?  You know how they’re all over the place, largely because George Lucas has the laudable quality of being generally tolerant of people playing in his sandbox?

You notice how that doesn’t happen so much with Disney products?

Yeah.  There’s a reason for that.

Moe Lane

PS: Also: hey, how long can Disney keep its intellectual property out of the public domain?  That’s right, kids: forever!  Or they’ll die trying.  Amazing what you can accomplish when you have the resources to buy a couple of Senators and a bunch of Congressmen…

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