Go home, MSNBC. You’re drunk.

This is no way to try to get the ratings up.

NBC White House Correspondent Chris Jansing appeared on MSNBC’s The Reid Report today with a report on President Obama at the U.S.-African Leaders Summit. Unfortunately, there was just one tiny little problem with what she said: she accidentally said that the president’s from Kenya.


:rolling eyes:  Suuuuure it was an accident. Nothing to do with being at the bottom of the ratings pile again, no how, no way.  Hell of a thing when encouraging the birthers becomes your business model…


Moe Lane

PS: Yes, this post is so sarcastic it might actually be sarcastic on a meta-level.

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Welcome to Cultural Appropriation Hell, Mexican-Americans.

Here’s your accordion.

I would recommend against trying to raise a stink about it, though: that was MSNBC, and they only care about white guys exaggerating ethnic stereotypes when the white guys are on other networks besides MSNBC.

Moe Lane

PS: The problem is not whether I care: it’s that MSNBC would have gone into shrieking hysterics if, as Ed Driscoll and Newsbusters noted, this had happened on Fox News. If MSNBC wants to establish itself as an arbiter of proper behavior, they should first make sure that they’re not breaking their own ruleset.


Ed Schultz has himself some epistemic closure on #Obamacare.

Here he is, relaying how Schultz was talking to professional Democratic politicians who are increasingly scared about running in support of Obamacare, and he can’t figure out what gives. Schultz really and truly doesn’t understand the problem; it’s quite fascinating to see, really.  The entire situation is visibly confusing him, and Schultz doesn’t like the sensation at all.

“There does seem to be, for some reason, a reluctance by Democrats to run home and talk about how positive this health care law is.”

Gee. Huh. Go figure. (more…)


MSNBC’s Phil Griffin: Fox News is spying on me! With RAYS! In My HEAD!

This is a highly entertaining media tantrum:

Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, says there’s something fishy about Tuesday’s ratings for the Fox News Channel, which were up significantly from a day earlier when Fox News debuted its new schedule. And he wants an investigation.

“Monday we had a really good day in the key demographic. On the night that Fox News debuted their three shows, we either tied or beat them in those hours,” Griffin said at a briefing, according to TVNewser.

“Tuesday — you guys should be doing some investigations; I have never seen it in all my years of cable — same overnight, same everything. And they doubled their ratings in a day? It is impossible.” Griffin continued, “I have never seen it. They did election-night numbers in the demo Tuesday.”

It’s entertaining because Griffin there is accusing Nielsen of deliberately altering the ratings in the second tier of news networks (cable news does not have the same reach as network news).  Which would be one heck of a story, if true …if.  Of course, if it were true then it would have leaked by now.  People tend to do that sort of thing, when money is involved.  And money is involved: Nielsen ratings figure in advertising fees. (more…)


MSNBC (!): Democratic operatives trying to undermine #benghazi whistle-blowers.

Apparently nobody told the n-dimensional geniuses over at the White House that it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

Transcript of remarks, courtesy of the Weekly Standard:

“There is something called Benghazi going on,” said [NBC's Lisa] Myers. “And I think the Democrats now are starting to worry about it. I started–I got calls from a number of Democrats yesterday trying to undermine Greg Hicks’s testimony, saying he wasn’t demoted, etc. So I think they feel that some damage was done by those three witnesses on Wednesday.””



News flash: Texas district attorneys NOT murdered by Aryan Brotherhood.

Looks like it was your standard grudge-holding erratic individual:

Authorities on Saturday searched Seagoville storage unit as they focused their investigation into the slayings of the Kaufman County district attorney, his wife and a top prosecutor on a former justice of the peace.

Eric Lyle Williams is now the prime suspect in the murder of District Attorney Mike McLelland, his wife, Cynthia, and Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, law enforcement authorities say.


Williams was convicted of stealing county equipment last year and sentenced to probation in a case prosecuted by McLelland and Hasse. That case is on appeal. Williams faces another theft charge in a case related to money allegedly misused from a law library fund.



Let me explain why Henry Repeating Rifles advertises on MSNBC.


Don’t tell us that Al Sharpton and MSNBC are hypocrites?  Noooo!!  The Reverend Al opened his show by praising President Obama’s efforts to promote tougher gun control laws.  But 28 minutes into the show, a commercial appeared for, of all things  . . . Henry Repeating Rifles.

Go to Henry Rifle’s website and you’ll find one rifle described as “big, brutal and beautiful” and noting that it fires ammunition “said to have killed more game, big and small, and more men, good and bad, than any other in existence.”  Another model offered for sale, the AR-7, is based on a military rifle, Henry emphasizing that given its lightweight design “you can carry a large quantity of ammunition.” 

The bolding is from Newsbusters, but I left it in because it’s entertainingly direct in its appeal to the MSNBC set.  Anyway, Ed Morrissey asks the question:

Mark Finklestein skewers Sharpton and MSNBC for hypocrisy, but a better question might be why Henry is buying advertising on MSNBC at all.



#rsrh MSNBC calls NAACP a bunch of racists!

…Which is, of course, a thoroughly nasty thing to say about the organization.  Are there individuals in the NAACP who are racist?  Without a doubt; some people plain just don’t like other people who don’t look like them.  And there are going to be people out there who can hide attitudes like that under various guises (including, alas, the venerable Democratic trick of finding a convenient Republican/conservative target, and unleashing a full torrent of racialized/ethnicized/sexualized venom upon her [usually her]).  But for MSNBC to argue that Mitt Romney went out to the NAACP to appeal to the racists in their ranks is just downright appalling… hold up, I’m getting a clarification over my ear mike.


OhhhhhMSNBC is actually claiming that Romney spoke to the NAACP in order to appeal to white racists.



What to take away from the debunking of MSNBC’s fake Romney WaWa ‘scandal.’

Background: Mitt Romney made a campaign speech today that used the WaWa convenience store franchise’s touch screen sandwich menu feature to make the point of how more cool and efficient the private sector is, when compared to the government.  MSNBC doctored the clip to make it look like Romney was merely astounded that we have touch screen sandwich menus now*.  Lots of people called MSNBC out on itHijinks are now going to ensue.

It’s all going to go entertainingly bad for MSNBC (and every enthusiast that uncritically believed the aforementioned doctored clip); and yes, I’m sure that everybody reading this is all broken up about that, too.  But that’s not the point!  You know what the point is?  It’s that… do you know WHY people were able to debunk the story just in time for it to embarrassingly explode all over MSNBC?  It’s because somebody in the audience was recording the speech. (more…)


Martin Bashir demonstrates the First Media Truth for Conservative/Republican Legislators.

In light of Martin Bashir’s somewhat… alarming foray into full-contact comparative religion (short version: Bashir attempted to consign Mitt Romney to hell, on-screen, because Bashir thinks that Romney is lying and lying is supposedly grounds for immediate damnation in the Mormon faith*), it’s probably time to revisit my old checklist on conservatives and the media. Romney campaign? This is more or less for your benefit, so please note: (more…)


Reince Priebus gives MSNBC the business over the ‘War on Women.’

This is exactly what I want to see from the RNC: an adamant refusal to allow the Other Side to set the parameters of the fight.

Transcript below the fold.

THOMAS ROBERTS (MSNBC): …But is this the fact of the Republican Party or not? Because you say it’s a fiction and you don’t want to walk back the fact that, you know, the war on caterpillars, and that’s fine. But, how can you still say it’s a fiction when this truly exists and these laws – 90, spiking in 2011 – 90 different anti-abortion laws coming across the state legislatures, spiking in the country after the Republicans take back state legislatures and governorships. How do you say it’s a fiction?

REINCE PRIEBUS (RNC): You and I are never going to be on the same page as long as you believe that if you’re pro-life, you’re anti-women. And you and I are never going to be on same page because I happen to believe that life begins at conception and you don’t. So, since you don’t believe that…


ROBERTS: You can’t- This isn’t about what I believe or don’t believe. I’m asking you about the Republican National Committee and your leadership.

PRIEBUS: I don’t buy that because I don’t buy your argument. I happen to believe that you can be pro-women and pro-life. You don’t. That’s the problem, Thomas. And I’m going to go back to the most important issue in this country, the most important issue in this country is the economy. It’s the issue that you and President Obama don’t want to talk about because it’s an issue in regard to the economy that this president has been an absolute failure on. And as long as he has been a failure in the economy he’s going to lose the women vote in November, because he has not fulfilled the promises to the American people. And, that, my friend, is the most important issue facing women in this country.

ROBERTS: We shall see. Right now the gender gap is two-to-one with women under 50 in swing states right now leaning towards President Obama. Reince Priebus, chairman of the RNC, Reince, nice to see you.

PRIEBUS: Mmmhmm. Have a great day.

Excellent. Firm message control there, Reince Priebus. Now the RNC just needs to do this every single day until the election. Because the Democrats really, really do not want to talk about their incredibly poor economic record right now, for fairly obvious reasons. We have no reason to indulge them.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I sincerely hope that there’s nobody out there actually stupid enough to believe that the Democratic party establishment has any intention of trying to push a ‘GOP war on women’ narrative for the next seven months. Actually, let me correct that: I hope that there’s nobody out there on my side who is actually that stupid. I have no problem with Democratic activists falling prey to that particular bit of idiocy.

PPS: Real quick, for anybody feeling the urge to start writing about how you hate the RNC and they’re all still awful so-and-sos… please consider your eventual goal first. To pick a suitably equal-opportunity obnoxious metaphor: if you punish a puppy for making messes on the carpet, that’s one thing. If you punish a puppy for going on the newspaper because of all the times in the past that it got away with making messes on the carpet, that’s another. The first is part of the process of training a dog; the second simply demonstrates that you shouldn’t actually have one.

In other words: “First, do no harm.”

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