09/16/2020 Update, DUTIES revision.

15,250/32,000. Better, but not quite at a good cruising speed. Finished “The Fight in the Grove,” (final wordcount: 5,300) and am now working on “Processing Duty.” I am starting to think that this may be a five-story job. Which would be a further complication. Ach, well.


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Praise Jesus: the Morgan Barod revision is in the can.

80,012 words as of today. I don’t need MORGAN BAROD to stay above 80K, strictly speaking. I just needed it to get above it once and have everything done so that I can send it to Alpha and later Beta readers next month.

If you’re interested in that, by the way, feel free to let me know in comments.

08/26/2020 Update, MORGAN BAROD revision: 77,850/80,000.

Mostly me punching up some fight scenes, adding a few bits of exposition, that sort of thing. I think that I’ve added all the extra scenes that NEED to be added; the rest is just smoothing out. I’ve got about 20,000 words left to review; adding a little over 2,000 isn’t going to be too difficult, methinks.

But nothing to excerpt, really.