Reviewing the June fundraising numbers.

Short version: the Democrats had a good month in their Congressional/Senatorial Committee fundraising (double their previous month’s totals, as well as double their Republican counterparts); the RNC is back to outraising the DNC; cash on hand is at parity, except that the GOP is running with a debt that’s 1/10th of their total and the Democrats are running with one that’s half; and this is all very different than this time in 2007.

Raised CoH Debts
RNC 8.00 23.70 0.00
DNC 6.75 13.03 4.91
NRSC 3.40 4.30 0.00
DSCC 6.20 7.90 3.70
NRCC 3.14 4.16 3.25
DCCC 7.10 9.70 6.00
GOP 14.54 32.16 3.25
Dem 20.05 30.63 14.61

Compare to last month’s:

Raised CoH Debt
RNC 5.82 21.55 0.00
DNC 8.37 12.14 5.60
NRSC 3.50 3.70 0.00
DSCC 3.45 4.00 4.17
NRCC 3.24 3.73 4.00
DCCC 3.44 5.01 6.67
GOP 12.56 28.98 4.00
Democrats 15.26 21.15 16.44

…the first thing that leaps out is that the DCCC/DSCC had a good month; enough of one to put the Democrats within rough parity with the GOP with regard to cash-on-hand… if you ignore the debt problem, which they really should be thinking about getting rid of pretty soon now.  The RNC is a bright spot: between its good numbers and existing war chest the GOP isn’t in danger of running out of money any time soon.  This wasn’t the best month for the Republicans, obviously: but that will happen.  If that bugs you, there’s an easy solution to that, too: RNC, NRCC, NRSC.

If you’re curious: this was the situation at this point in 2007 (via six month data here).

CoH Debts
RNC 15.90 0.00
DNC 4.67 2.00
NRSC 5.76 0.00
DSCC 20.36 4.50
NRCC 2.01 4.35
DCCC 19.50 4.14
GOP 23.67 4.35
Dem 44.53 10.64

The numbers themselves are going to be skewed: there was a lot more money being thrown around in general (and more money to be thrown around), after all. Even so, we aren’t getting dominated in the money game like we were back then.

Moe Lane

Crossposted to RedState.