Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day: Dragon Age Inquisition.

Because it’s Cyber Monday, and because I’ve been playing Dragon Age Inquisition since it came out and it’s been damned fun to play, so that 25% off is a good deal even if you do have to wait for the patch like I’m doing right now.  Reminder via Instapundit: and, remember.  If you’re buying stuff on Amazon this holiday season, make sure that you buy it via an affiliate link from your favorite site.  This goes for lurkers, too: even if you hate me there’s certainly somebody out there who you do like who could use the ad revenue. Every little bit helps.

6 thoughts on “Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day: Dragon Age Inquisition.”

  1. Nope, sorry. You will not get me to give BioWare money ever again, even for an allegedly good game at a discount price.

    The Mass Effect 3 ending must have consequences.

    1. It could dispense free bourbon and steak dinners, for all I care. I won’t ever give BioWare money again.

        1. Yes, I’m not sure how I’ll ever go on, having missed out on the opportunity to spend $60 and waste dozens of hours on a derivative fantasy RPG published by a company that treats its customers with utter contempt.

          *wails, gnashes teeth, rends garments, covers self in sackcloth and ashes*

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