Tweet of the Day, Larry Hogan Needs To Step Up edition.

Although I will concede that what Gov. Larry Hogan needs to do here is open for debate.

I don’t expect anything out of new-minted Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and I expect that I will get precisely that (yes, a tautology, but you know what I mean). But Gov. Hogan currently has to deal with the largest city in his state sliding out of control. As a Marylander myself, I’m quite interested to hear what he plans to do about it.

8 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Larry Hogan Needs To Step Up edition.”

  1. Dies Hogan need the Baltimore mayor’s go ahead to send in the guard? ( either legally or for political cover?)
    Just heard Obama spoke to the mayor. I assume he drew a red line.

    1. Politically he has to wait for the Mayor’s call for assistance. But Legally, the Municipal government derives its power from the State, and can be dissolved by an act of the legislature ( issues of Public Safety ultimately rest with the Governor). So unless prevented by the MD constitution there shouldn’t be anything legally preventing the Governor from declaring a state of emergency and sending the National Guard in.

  2. I just saw a news report that the National Guard has been sent in. So the Official Narrative is going to be that the Black Democrats who have controlled the city are blameless. All fault for everything will be on the head of Hogan for being a white Republican.

    I expect Lynch to step in, to make things worse. And quickly. Never assume that the enemy is going to take a break.

    1. Its been a long time since a Republican Governor muffed on a catastrophe. They routinely exceed Media expectations ( examples being Snyder in regards to Detroit, Christie on Hurricane Sandy, Barbour on Hurricane Katrina, Bush-Guiliani-Pataki on 9/11)
      I expect Hogan manage, whether or not his response raises his profile and marks him out as a Great Governor ( as opposed to just a competent one) is another matter.

  3. So Loretta Lynch is AG. And denying her confirmation would mean that Eric Holder would remain as AG.

    I am not seeing the reason to deny her confirmation. She isn’t going to act any different than Eric Holder, correct? And it isn’t likely that Pres. Obama would nominate someone else, correct?
    So you either have Eric Holder or someone who will act just like Eric Holder until January 2017?
    Meh. The thin-skinned Won will have his old firewall in place at the DoJ or he will have the new firewall who is exactly like the old firewall in place at the DoJ.

  4. Regarding your Governor – I’m expecting panic.
    That’s just me; I do not expect much from politicians.
    Unless that politician actually is a Washington or an Eisenhower and knows how to deal with strife with some aplomb.

  5. Hogan is a smart man with smart advisors . (He didn’t win the election by luck.) it seems he had the emergency operations center up and running, and the state police and Guard ready to go, for several hours Monday evening while the mayor was watching the looting and doing nothing. When she finally asked him for help, he signed off immediately. There is probably some spin there on his part but the story fits what I’ve heard .
    Hogan and Obama spoke – again, probably for political cover – and our C in C , on an evening where mobs have looted a CVS, liquor stores and a shopping mall , burned cars and buildings, and injured fifteen police by throwing rocks and bricks , asks the gov “you’re going to use restraint, right?”
    If I were Hogan I would be livid . But he’s a smart man .

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