F*cking ChiComs set Call of Cthulhu supplement print run on fire. Allegedly.

No, this totally counts because it’s gaming-related*. The short version: folks did a Kickstarter (The Sassoon Files) that was based on 1920s China. And they apparently made the mistake of using a printer from the People’s Republic of China, which allegedly promptly burned the entire print run just after it was completed.

Because that, my droogies, is how Commies do. Allegedly. Well, allegedly in this case. God knows it’s well-documented that the only things that Commies like to burn more than inconvenient books are entire regions full of inconvenient peasants.

Via Facebook. Anyway: assuming that this story checks out (it handily fits all of my prejudices, which makes it automatically in need of confirming), keep this in mind when you’re sourcing where you’re printing your stuff. Personally, I’d just as soon not practice false economy by using a service that reserves the option of setting my intellectual property on fire, you know what I mean?

Moe Lane

*Besides, I refuse to give up the right to take rhetorical smacks at Commies.

8 thoughts on “F*cking ChiComs set Call of Cthulhu supplement print run on fire. Allegedly.”

  1. Moe, as far as I’m concerned rhetorical smacks at Commies counts as completely nonpolitical. 🙂

      1. The only reason it might be at all controversial, is because of the extreme nature of some of the nutjobs that the media has been coronating as the face of the Democratic party.
        (Much to the horror of rank-and-file Democrats. Who really aren’t on board with taking everyone’s car, razing everyone’s house, outlawing beef, or any of the other crazy proposals recently put forth.)

  2. No one is arguing that Cthulhu itself was responsible for this because something dangerous to it was included – intentionally or not – in the material?

    Your group is tasked with tracking down a surviving copy from the warehouse, or if not, finding the authors, their notes. And possibly their inspirational source material before the dread one rises from the depths.

    Hey, I just write a modudle like Moe!

  3. Taking smacks at Commie isn’t political, it’s a moral imperative (as per Real Genius).

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