From the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG Worldbook: NPCs.

Although I’m wondering whether I should have a contemporary NPC section: these folks are all pretty ‘historical.’ Hrm.

Benjamin Henderson (2065-2147)

Archmage of the Mages’ Alliance after the Virginia War of 2120 (and posthumously proclaimed the first ‘true’ Supreme Archmage of the Universal Dominion in 2351 AD). Under his at-first clandestine leadership the Mage’s Alliance came within a hair’s-breath of taking over the remnants of the United States; Henderson would later lead the remnants of the Alliance to new conquests across the Mississippi. Archmage Henderson’s style of spellcrafting would define the Dominion’s: elegant, pragmatic, and brutally vicious. On the other hand, his personal life was apparently blameless, and life for non-mages under Henderson’s rule could have been much worse. Certainly it never improved, after his death.

Mark Smith (2435-2489)

Born the heir to the Deseret throne, Mark Smith led a life of amiable dissolution until the disastrous First Deseret War. He disappeared after the fall of Salt Lake City; five years later, the first stories of the soon notorious guerrilla-warlord ‘Rex Fang-Blade’ began cropping up. Mark/Rex spent three decades simultaneously fighting Dominion occupation patrols, bandit gangs, and the more vicious barbie kingdoms while building a new power base in California; when he died stopping the destruction of the ancient Hoover Dam in 2489, many breathed a sigh of relief. Rex’s granddaughter Tabetha took control of his forces, and went on to create the force that would eventually liberate Salt Lake City in 2803.

Nora Alfafor Salvager (2927-2990[?])

The first halfling commander of the Alliance Scout Rangers, Nora Salvager began working in Cursed Jersey before being tapped for officer training; she ended up spending most of her career clearing out Dominion beast spawn-points in the Mississippi valley. Most of her techniques for killing, neutralizing, and in some cases domesticating Dominion-created monsters are still in use. Her last expedition was lost in the Louisiana bayou, hunting down escaped feral methgators; local legends insist that some of her party did survive, at least for a time, but no explanation as to why they simply didn’t return then has been forthcoming.

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  1. Isn’t the “now” time somewhen in the 2500s? Or am I mis-remembering something from Frozen Dreams? I need to put together a reference bible or cheat-sheet so I can provide useful feedback.

    1. (“EDIT:”) Although Mark Smith’s bio also refers to an event in the early 29th Century, as well, so I must be mistaken.

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