07/08/2020 Report, FERMI RESOLUTION RPG: 30,158/37,800.

Got the original Geography part finished and added some more locations. The next two are the big ones, though: Magic and Religion. I wrote them originally before I had an actual magical system to link them to, and there’s going to have to be revisions there. Mechanically, magic and theurgy run off of the same mechanics; but the styles are completely different in this iteration.

To give you an idea: anyone with the Magic ability can heal, or throw a fireball. But priests, demonologists, and necromancers are all Invokers, because that ability governs negotiating and manifesting various species. Likewise, alchemists, enchanters, and research wizards are all Mages, because that ability is for manipulating the effects of magic (like spells, potions, and magic items). For that matter, both the Mage and the Tinkerer ability allows somebody to make alchemical concoctions. I think it all coheres, but this is gonna need some playtesting when it’s done*.

Moe Lane

*I’ve also talked to an old buddy of mine from the pre-blogosphere days (yeah, really old): he’s going to be giving me a hand with the project. Truth be told, I could probably use it. I am planning to eventually Kickstart a print version of the worldbook, which will require more art and a proper editing job, but that’s down the road.