What I will do with the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG worldbook.

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The Fermi Resolution RPG manuscript has been updated and expanded, and rules for GUMSHOE added. However, the manuscript still requires text on how to handle necromancy, enchantment, and alchemy; and the whole thing needs to be blended. There’s also art to be included, and a lot of playtesting. A whole lot of playtesting.

Accordingly, what I’m going to do is get the magic stuff blocked out, do some preliminary fixes based on some stuff that I’ve already gotten feedback on, and rough-format a PDF once I’ve gotten all the art. It’ll be a playtest copy that I’ll distribute to my Kickstarter backers (and playtesters); then, based on the feedback I get on it, I’ll have the real layout work (and the other stuff that I’ve budgeted for) done at a later point*.

I feel this will fulfill the requirements of the stretch goal found here. But if folks (especially including my backers) have a strong opinion on the subject, feel free to let me know. [UPDATE: my wife points out that Kickstarter backers should get a digital copy of the commercial version, in PDF form. This is reasonable.]

Moe Lane

*This will be part of a print run for the worldbook, which is why I’ve been going round and round on this in the first place. I don’t want to pay for two layout jobs, and I can’t see how releasing this commercially before a print run can reasonably avoid that.