07/22/2020 Report, FERMI RESOLUTION RPG Worldbook.

Spent the morning doing spreadsheets! Testing basic combat out with matched characters, unmatched characters, and weak matched characters. And a good thing that I did. As I originally had the numbers go, the raw rolls for matched characters suggested that the average combat would be ten or more combat rounds, which is absolutely too bloody long. Fortunately, fiddling with the amount of damage done solved the problem enough for playtest purposes.

Speaking of, the current plan is to finish the raw files enough by Friday to be able to plop it in front of playtesters*, then slapping it together in a reasonably coherent PDF this weekend. If there’s art by then, there’s art; otherwise, I distribute it to the backers and get a round of playtests going. Once that’s done then I can plan accordingly for using my non-art RPG budget to get a polished version done and distributed. A print run Kickstarter sounds workable, although that would be a 2021 project.

So that’s where things are there.

Moe Lane

*The complication here is that I should not playtest this myself, I think. There are probably holes in the game that I’ve filled in without bothering to write it out. Better to get eyes on it that aren’t connected to my cerebral cortex.