Day 25, TINSEL RAIN NaNoWriMo: 51377/60000.

Filling in holes! So many, many holes.


Beyond the door, things were… much the same. Graciella had just enough time to roll her eyes before we went through the next one, which opened to a spiral staircase going down. It also had a couple of guards, neither of whom were trying to hide it. Sam saw Graciella look at them, and shrugged. “Better safe,” he said, and nothing more.

“…than sorry, right?” Graciella after a moment.

Big Eye Sam raised an eyebrow. “Is that how the saying goes? I’ve never felt the need to read beyond the first two words.”

We reached the bottom, and yet another door. Sam made a show of unlocking it. “I hope this will be a bit more impressive, Miss Graciella,” he said as he opened the door with a flourish.

From her sudden intake of breath, it seemed like it was. Fair’s fair: the Adventurer’s Guild has a nice little setup going on underground. I was impressed the first time I saw it.

It’s not quite its own town, down here. There aren’t enough bars, for one thing. But the landing we were on overlooked a bustling little operation, a story or two down on the ground. Lots of buildings, lots of pallets, a couple of cranes to move things around: there was even a miniature railroad, going off in a tunnel. I knew that it led up to a secret cove down the coast where the Guild shipped things it didn’t want anybody else to see, but I didn’t mention that to Graciella. It wasn’t any of her business and I wasn’t sure Sam knew that I knew.