NaNoWriMo, Day 17: 1,530 / 38,250.

I continue to claw. I’m hoping for some uninterrupted time, this weekend.


Rubicon leaned forward. “Interesting. Can you trace it back to the original creator, Programmer Syah?”

“Him?” asked Greg. “Why not use The Process? It’d do it faster.”

“Because I’ve already tried that,” replied Rubicon. “Process, who was the person who entered this malware into the system?”

“General Kylee Ramirez, United States Space Force, Commander of the American research vessel Enrico Fermi,” The Process replied immediately.

That got a little silence. “Process,” I said, “What is the status of General Ramirez?”

“General Ramirez died on January 23, 2079, during what is now called the ‘Consolidation Coup.’ Her death was initially given as ‘heart failure,’ but evidence in 2165 confirmed that she had been illegally executed. And, to anticipate your question: I am aware of the discrepancy, Wind-Walker Tanaka. But internal records clearly indicate that General Ramirez was the one who entered the information.”