Tweet of the Day, My Nose Is Metaphorically Bleeding From This CIVIL WAR Map edition.

Somebody reviewing CIVIL WAR offered the opinion that the more you know about American politics, the harder it’s going to be to get past that and get to the meat of the flick, which isn’t really about the actual civil war. I get that! I really do. I was an English major in college. I understand the concepts of metaphors and symbolism.

Dear God but this map, though. This map makes my head hurt even more than the last one did. If I watch this movie, I’m going to constantly want to circle back to what the Hell is going on, that you can have a faction which has Minnesota fighting alongside Utah. This is what wargames published in Carcosa look like.

8 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, My Nose Is Metaphorically Bleeding From This CIVIL WAR Map edition.”

  1. I want to be understanding of the producers here: any similarities to real factions leave them vulnerable to accusations of bias.

    But who am I kidding, that’s never stopped them before. Is this fruit even too low hanging for the hacktivists in Hollywood?

    I may have to watch just out of morbid curiosity.

    1. I totally get that. Everybody who’s reviewed this so far has gone, politically it’s gonna be all over the map and nobody’s gonna be happy about it that way. I just… I got reflexes, man. Instincts. They’re gonna betray me with this movie.

      1. .. or perhaps they’re counting on ‘the map people’ to keep the word of mouth about their movie strong…?

        Stranger things have happened…


  2. If I were making a map for a civil war, I would decide how many sides I wanted (they seem to have chosen 4), then pulled 2 states at a time out of the hat 1 less than that number of times. Then, for each pair I would have come up with something they have in common and seen how far I could stretch it.
    As for the Utah/Minnesota alliance, it is obviously people trying to legalize polygamy at the point of the sword. Texas/California is a puppet of Mexican revanchism. And the “Florida Alliance” is actually a Seminole and Cherokee resurgence.
    I think the biggest problem is that in any modern civil war Canada and Mexico would be lucky not to get pulled in. Frankly, there are enough people in both countries with opinions on how the US should be run that there would be partisans from each even if their national governments were being studiously neutral.

    1. Hmmm, are you sure Wisconsen isn’t the one in that alliance? I can see ”The government will force you to put cheese on *everything*’. I might watch this thing if it shows up on a streaming service but I’m definately not forking over money to see it at a theatre. Per my offspring looking over my shoulder, what contortion of reality would make Idaho join in with anything with the words ‘Peoples army’ in it??

  3. There’s only so much stupidity you can cloak with pretension.
    And given the rampant abuse of that boundary, the latitude to do so is rapidly shrinking.

    Further, if you have to wonder if something is an allegory, it is either NOT an allegory, or a FAILED ATTEMPT at an allegory.

    Apathy is the most I can muster for the film.
    But the reviewer? Him, I actively dislike.

  4. Ignoring every other controversial/stupid bit – – –

    ‘Heroic Journalists’ will never be a thing that gets money from me, ever ever ever.

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