Bayonetta on Steam for PC: $20. Go/No-Go?

I’ve never played it, but everybody seems to be jumping up and down and going whee.  Basic question is: I prefer RPGs, so is Bayonetta a good enough shooter that I won’t mind the lack of freeform play?  Also: do I need to go find the controller I have for the PC on this one?  I’m simply more accustomed to keyboard commands.

Amazingly, ‘Orion slave girl’ is not a PC class.

Don’t look at me like that: it’s not the biggest target audience demographic for Star Trek Online, but there’s a contingent out there that wants to play a green-skinned seductress of death whose lack of armor (and, indeed, clothing) is more than compensated for by a surfeit of baroque ranged weapons*. That’s just the way it is.


Ahem: ‘Bayonetta.’


That’s right, ‘oh.’

Moe Lane

*Admittedly, these are harder to find in the Star Trek universe than in other places.