Hey! @HPLHS has released their two Cthulhu Mythos movies on Steam.

No, really.  October 30thThe Call of Cthulhu and The Whisperer In Darkness.  In my opinion, The HPL Historical Society have produced easily the two best straight cinematic adaptations of HPL’s stories — and they’re also easily in the top 20 of Lovecraftian movies, period.  The conceit of both is that they were filmed using the same techniques as were common during the years in which the stories were written.  That’s why Call of Cthulhu is a silent movie, while Whisperer in Darkness goes for a 1930s monster movie feel.  If you haven’t seen these yet, well, ten bucks a pop is reasonable.

Steam has a terrifying Star Wars sale going on…

…terrifying because it’s so, so good.  The Force Unleashed stuff in particular is calling to me.  It says, just one game, Moe.  You’ve always wanted to play it.  What harm could it possibly do?


This would be a lot easier to justify if I didn’t need to sleep.

Moe Lane

PS: The X-Wing and TIE Fighter games were ZOMG good.  So, so good.  Good enough that I almost want to buy a joystick, or hook up the XBox attachment… oh, crap, I have one of those.

The Ogre video game is now live on Steam.

Twenty five bucks.  For that you get multiplayer, and what looks to be an absolutely faithful computer version of the game.  Which very much includes the visual look.  The aesthetic goal here seems to have been ‘automate all the movement and combat rolls and everything boring,’ while reproducing the way that tabletop Ogre presented itself. Add that to an actual single-player campaign and you just may have a video game on your hands.

Secret World Legends’ Steam Launch today, Whispering Tide Event starts tomorrow.

If you have Steam, Secret World Legends is integrated into it. However, if you already have an existing Patron account for Secret World Legends, don’t link it yet.  They’re having integration issues tonight.

As for Whispering Tide: I’ve been looking forward to doing this one for a while.  When I started playing The Secret World, they had just begun to wrap up that particular event, and I missed it.  I’ve wanted to play it ever since.  Gonna be fun!

Secret World Legends comes to Steam on 07/31/2017.

Secret World Legends is free-to-play, but you’ll want to subscribe. You’ll be able to play and win the game without spending a dime, mind you – but having a monthly membership gives enough benefits to be worth it, assuming of course that you like conspiracy-horror shared game with fiendishly complicated investigation missions and a cheerful willingness to throw everything into the mix.  And I do mean everything.

Here is the SWL fact sheet for navigating the Steam launch.  You may want to take a look at it.  The process might be a little… complicated.

In the Steam Queue: Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Wolfenstein: The New Order just hit weekend Steam sale for ten bucks (alternatively, if you don’t have Steam Amazon is offering a physical copy for fifteen).  I don’t know if it’s going to go down even further later this summer to seven or so, but honestly fifty percent off is good enough. I probably would have picked it up at twenty except that I was reminded, gently, of the tradition of the Summer Steam Sale. It was worth waiting a week or so, really.

I assume that I should not play this around my children?

Bayonetta on Steam for PC: $20. Go/No-Go?

I’ve never played it, but everybody seems to be jumping up and down and going whee.  Basic question is: I prefer RPGs, so is Bayonetta a good enough shooter that I won’t mind the lack of freeform play?  Also: do I need to go find the controller I have for the PC on this one?  I’m simply more accustomed to keyboard commands.