Group Seed: BLIMP and ZEPPELIN.

BLIMP and ZEPPELIN – Google Docs


One was called the Biometric-Learning (IMmersive) Protocols (BLIMP), and the other was known as the Zero-Emission, Population-Planning (Extra-Legal Invasive) Network (ZEPPELIN). They were both functional artificial intelligences: BLIMP was created via a DARPA grant in 1965, while ZEPPELIN was a private research project that achieved sentience 1967.  The records for both are spotty, since BLIMP and ZEPPELIN fought each other to presumably mutual destruction over the course of the next ten years.

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Military blimp goes AWOL!

So we lost a blimp for a while today, huh?

The military surveillance blimp that broke free of its mooring at Aberdeen Proving Ground Wednesday morning has returned to Earth after a four-hour, 160-mile, power line-snapping odyssey, authorities said.

Yeah, there’s a metaphor looking for a home. I’d try to link it up to American domestic policy or something, except that there’s a junior officer in Aberdeen who got the ass-chewing of his or her life today, and it hardly seems fair to pile on. Seriously, that officer is going to be The Blimp Person for the rest of his or her career…