Tweet of the Day, Attention, @DSCC: You Can Have My Cell Phone…

…when you take it off of my cold, dead body. That’s because, unlike apparently the people that the DSCC fundraises off of, I retain a basic self-respect:

Working link here. And those were donors.  Truly, the casual arrogance of the Democratic party towards its most loyal members is staggering…

Yeaaahhhh, let me just go check the iPad, there.

Is data roaming off?  Why yes, it is.  Good:

A woman in Florida recently bought her brother a phone and put him on her plan. But little did she know that her brother’s two-week trip to Canada would result in a 43-page bill for more than $201,000.


Apparently what had happened was that her brother had not turned the data roaming off on his phone during his trip to Canada. More than 2,000 texts and a number of downloaded videos later and — at $10/megabyte — you end up with a phone bill larger than many mortgages.

Note that T-Mobile eventually was ‘nice’ by reducing the bill to a mere $2,500.  And I suspect that the final amount was calculated to the penny, based on the optimum ratio of money retrieved / negative PR.

Via @seanhackbarth.

#rsrh FM radio in your iPhone!

Go have a drink before you read this.  And be grateful that the six-pack of beer doesn’t have a clay pot attached that’s full of slowly fermenting barley mash.


Music labels and radio broadcasters can’t agree on much, including whether radio should be forced to turn over hundreds of millions of dollars a year to pay for the music it plays. But the two sides can agree on this: Congress should mandate that FM radio receivers be built into cell phones, PDAs, and other portable electronics.

Via Penny Arcade, who responded more or less as you might expect.

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