So, they’re doing a sequel to CONSTANTINE.

Guess I’m gonna have to watch the first CONSTANTINE now: “Warner Bros will develop another installment of the 2005 supernatural thriller Constantine, and the studio is re-teaming star Keanu Reeves and director Francis Lawrence, who made his helming debut on the original.” I yeah, I dunno why I’ve never actually sat down to watch it. I kind of blame the way CD drives went away on computers. It’s just a hassle these days to catch non-streaming flicks on my PC…

Via GeekTyrant.


This ‘Constantine’ TV show trailer suggests… it might not actually suck.

As Do-Gooder Press notes, at least this time they got a John Constantine who is a Brit with a trench-coat and mouth on him.

I really wish that I could just subscribe to the shows that I wanted to see, and dump the rest. ┬áMind you, that scenario’s the sort of thing that makes TV executives wake up in the middle of the night, screaming.

Moe Lane