Daredevil Showing Up In The Next Spidey Movie?


Via @zamoose. The Netflix MCU shows actually would work well in Sony’s Spider-verse thingy; they’re lower-powered, for one thing. Punisher or Kingpin make more sense as antagonists for Spider-Man than they would have for Iron Man or Captain America; you could believe that Spidey would have real trouble taking one of them down. As for continuity? …Who the hell cares about continuity? The comics sure don’t!

The Netflix ‘Daredevil’ trailer.

Be interesting to see if they can pull this off.

Netflix will just be dumping the whole thing out at once; all thirteen episodes will be available April 10th. I honestly have no idea if that’s going to work, or not. I’m not even sure that I know enough about this kind of video-on-demand scheduling to even really appreciate the question. I do know that this show actually looks pretty sweet. Not that I’m caught up on all the other shows that I should be watching right now…