The ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ videogame trailer.

Am I gonna try to get back on this horse?

I just couldn’t get into Deus Ex: Human Evolution when it came out, and I’m not sure why. Could be that I just wasn’t thinking in terms of first-person shooters at the time.  Which would suggest that maybe Mankind Divided would be more rewarding.  Or maybe it won’t…


So… Jade Empire.

Did it suck?  I’m running out of The Witcher and I can’t seem to get my head around Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  I keep ending up being stuck crouched behind a box on my first mission, out of Goddamned ammo, and being shot at by people who HAVE ALL THE GODDAMNED AMMO IN THE GODDAMNED WORLD…

Sorry.  I have issues with games where I keep dying before I can even level up once.

Ah, First World Problems.

I’m at a bit of an impasse, here.  I have sucked out all the juices possible for Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic 2.  I’ve long since gotten everything that I was going to get out of Dragon Age 2; I’m now just waiting for the next DLC. Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition is months away.  Right now, I have two choices: try to get back into Assassin’s Creed 2, or else fire up Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  The problem with the former is that I probably really do need to pick up something like Xbox 360 Controller if I want to play the game; the problem with the latter is that I had it reserved for January or February, when the ME3 shakes would start really getting bad.

Anybody got an opinion? – You don’t have to have one, by the way.  As I said, this is a First World problem.  I should just be grateful that I have access to clean water, food, and clothing.