In the E-Mail: Elusive.

It is a banner week for other people’s books! This one is Genevieve Cogman’s ELUSIVE, which is an “electrifying retelling of the Scarlet Pimpernel packed with magic and vampires.” I just got it in my email, so I don’t know yet about ‘electrifying,’ but SCARLET (the first book in this series) was quite fun, so the omens are good. I haven’t entirely decided whose side I’m on yet, though. Bloodsucking vampires versus the Committee for Public Safety isn’t exactly what you’d call a high-contrast contest.


Preordered: ELUSIVE (The Scarlet Revolution Book 2)

I’ve been looking forward to the sequel to SCARLET (which is explicitly “The Scarlet Pimpernel, with vampires”) for a while now. Genevieve Cogman is an old friend from the In Nomine fan days, and she’s always been a crackerjack writer. SCARLET itself was page-turning fun. At the time, I called it a “discerning, yet loving look at the original source material,” and I stand by that. That being said: now that the setting has been established*, it’s time for MOAR VAMPIRES.


*I admit to being slightly torn: humans should be on top of the food chain, but the Reign of Terror was called that for a reason. One wonders what the Founding Fathers made of vampires, in this setting. Not that I can insist that a British author drop everything and narratively rush across the Atlantic, just to tell the former colonists’ story…

In the (E-)Mail: @GenevieveCogman’s SCARLET.

SCARLET dropped last night, while I was asleep. Basically, it’s THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, with vampires. Geneiveve Cogman and I go all the way back to the days of automated email digests for obscure tabletop RPGs*. I’d be looking forward to reading this even if we didn’t; I’m all about THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, with vampires. I figure I’ll spend the morning reading this, and recommend just that for the rest of you, too.


*And here we are, now. Novel writers! Who would have thought it? …Well, we did.

Book of the Week: SCARLET.

It’s funny: I would normally presume on old acquaintance and discreetly hint that Genevieve Cogman might pass along an advance review copy of her upcoming vampire alternate Scarlet Pimpernel novel Scarlet – we’re both old In Nomine hands, after all. At the same time, though, I want her new book to sell when it comes out in May, so that same past history is arguing against said presumption. I have it on pre-order, and I’ll undoubtedly order it in paperback, once I’ve read the Kindle. I’m okay with that.

Book of the Week: The Masked City.

The Masked City is Genevieve Cogman’s second book in her Invsible Library fantasy series (involving functionally immortal agents of a powerful Library who have access to the source language of the universe*).  I should have put this one a while back, but I got distracted and am only now taking up the series again.  It’s quite fun!  And I like Genevieve.  People should buy her books when they come out, and say nice things to her at conventions. Continue reading Book of the Week: The Masked City.

It is Genevieve Cogman’s birthday!

Genevieve Cogman is very clever.  You should buy her books. The first two books in her Invisible Library series are available in the USA now. She also writes roleplaying game material. She is a better writer than I am*. Writing sentences in this style looks just as odd to me as it does to you.

Moe Lane

*I mean it.

Q&A: Genevieve Cogman (the Invisible Library series).

As you folks hopefully know, Genevieve Cogman is a British fantasy writer who has just come out with two books (The Invisible Library and The Masked City) set in her Invisible Library series.  Well, actually, the books have been out for a while in Great Britain; it’s just that we’re only getting them now in the United States.  I reached out to Genevieve with some questions about the books, which she was gracious enough to reply to: you’ll find her answers below.  Let me note in passing, by the way, that I paid extra to get my hands on the British editions of both books, and I was very happy to do so. Make of that what you will.

So, onto the questions! Continue reading Q&A: Genevieve Cogman (the Invisible Library series).

Book of the Week: The Invisible Library (cc @GenevieveCogman).

Blipping well TOOK the Post Office long enough to get me Genevieve Cogman’s first novel The Invisible Library; mind you, I had to special-order the sucker from England. You would think that, in these halcyon days of digital inter-connectivity, we could dispense with the ridiculous notion that the British and American editions of a book cannot be published simultaneously. You would be wrong. Continue reading Book of the Week: The Invisible Library (cc @GenevieveCogman).

…This is an exercise in frustration.

So I ordered Genevieve Cogman’s The Invisible Library and The Masked City, because you can do that when you have third-party sellers who find this nonsense about different printing schedules in the USA and the UK as pointless as I do.  And the books will arrived!  Half of the books have arrived! …Out of order.  The first book in the series is still in the mail.  And I will probably get it… tomorrow. Wednesday at the latest.  Meanwhile, there’s the second book in the series, and it taunts me.  TAUNTS!

What?. This is actually messing up my schedule. I fully expect that The Invisible Library will end up making Book of the Week as soon as I get to actually read it: Genevieve Cogman is one of the few people out there who I will actually admit is a better writer than I am. So I’d like the book now, please.