Walp. Guess I’m going to take advantage of that GUMSHOE OGL thing, then.

(Stands for ‘Open Game License.’)

Since the Hillfolk Kickstarter is now funded at 50K, Robin Laws will presumably be releasing the game system for public use.

Which means that I have a personal side project to work on, now. Heh. I haven’t done amateur gameworld design in years, thanks to various things; this should be interesting.

Ooh: new gaming books in.

Trail of Cthulhu’s Bookhounds of London & GUMSHOE’s Book of Unremitting Horror. Plus, thanks to the reaction to people like this (I decided to let some of all y’all see some of the hate mail after all)…

…reacting to posts like this, the PayPal account has been refilled to the point where I can go buy The Esoterror Fact Book now.  So keep that hate and rage coming, folks!  This is, like, my major source of disposable income at the moment*.

Besides: it’s a good life, having idiots hate you.

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