Tweet of the Day, I Would Absolutely Buy This Print… edition.

…and put it on my wall, except that I can’t find the parodist of the Banksy parody of the original Hopper painting. It’s everywhere, and nowhere, and all the people selling copies don’t have the right to.

(Both the tweet and the retweet were done by pople doing a bit, by the way.)

The Darth Giger gave it a run for its money, though.

I was sent an email on this Star Wars photoshop contest (supposedly the link’s on Fark).  Some pretty good, some not so much.  This one is probably the best so far:


I’d like to note for the record that the original has always kind of haunted me.  Something about the endless Friday night at 3 AM that it represents.  This, on the other hand, does not.