…I had forgotten how good venison stew can taste.

I haven’t had any in, like, five years. Which is, not coincidentally, how long it’s been since my SCA attendance went severely down because we had kids.

…Yeah. That’s why light posting today. I turned off all the electronics and went to an event. HA! In your face… I don’t know who’s face it would be in, but whoever’s face it was, consider it in yours.

Or something.

…And then there’s this.

People ask me – usually rhetorically – When’s the last time you’ve ever seen a Lefty who likes the Second Amendment?… and then they look shocked when I blink and say Umm, last Saturday?  Seriously, join the SCA and you’ll end up seeing every counterculture fusion there is.  Gun-toting hippies.  Neo-pagan Republicans.  Women who might think that your science fiction jokes are funny.

Plus, there’s beer.

Moe Lane

Apparently, the meme is female eye-candy.

As exemplified by CNN (H/T: Protein Wisdom), which tells us that men see bikini-clad women as objects. This has been seized upon by large sections of the blogosphere as an excuse to show cheesecake, of course: fortunately, as a SF/fantasy/SCA geek I have a secret weapon.

Women in armor.

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