The obligatory snow-related whine of the day.

Give you an idea of the way the county handles school closings: when I woke up this morning to check I was aggravated that there wasn’t an email from the county indicating that today was a regular school day.  And I spent five minutes wondering why they didn’t email us about that, until it occurred to me that this was an absolutely ludicrous thing to want to have happen. I blame the lack of coffee.  Actually, no, I blame the fact that I live in the suburban corner of a county that is mostly semi-rural and not set up to handle black ice on the roads, but that doesn’t sound as pithy.

Whine whine, moan moan, complain complain.  And pray that the snow tomorrow doesn’t start until mid-day.

Sounds like the Democrats running New York fornicated the canine.

Because I am a deeply, deeply unfair man, I will only link to this funny Onion eye-roll – “As a major winter storm continued its advance toward New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio advised residents Monday to make peace with whatever higher power they call God, for all shall meet their death in the coming tempest.” – and note that maybe Democratic New York governor Andrew Cuomo should have kept the NYC subways running last night, GIVEN THAT THEY HAD TO RUN LAST NIGHT ANYWAY.  Sheesh.  These people.

Mind you, I’m debating whether to spend the morning yelling at my county government for shutting down all the schools again. On the one hand, most of my county is fairly rural. On the other hand, ‘fairly rural’ should mean ‘decent at adapting to weather.’ On the gripping hand, my county and state just elected Republicans to the top executive positions, so it’s my civic duty to keep my party’s politicians on the straight and narrow, no?


At first the county was all Hey, two hour closing. And then five minutes the county was all PSYCH! Ha! Got you!  Nah, we’re going to close the schools now.  To be fair, it’s coming down pretty good… but I don’t feel like being fair, honestly.  I feel like sending the kids to school so that I can clean the house.

Grumble, grumble, groan, WHINE.

It is *snowing.* *Again.*

Anybody got some perfluorocarbons? That’s the stuff that causes global warming, right? – Because right now I’d be outside spritzing the area with my spray deodorant if I thought it’d do any good.

Moe Lane

PS: On the bright side: they’re not going to declare Maryland to be a drought area any time soon.


PPPS: Orrrrr we could be in the middle of a flood warning. Apparently, we live downstream of a dam.

Thank God for global warming: it’s apparently staving off glaciers in Maryland.

It’s goram snowing.


Oh, well, at least it waited until the kids were off to school this time.  Even the Maryland school system would be hard pressed to turn half an inch of snow on the grass into a two hour delay when the students are already safely in their classrooms.

So! The cold’s done – or at least under control.

Better and better, everybody else in the house has cycled through their illnesses so that I can send everybody else off for school or work tomorrow and put the eldest kid’s new bed together!  Woo-hoo!

Wait?  What’s that?

National Weather Service Issues Winter Storm Warning for Virginia, Maryland, DC

Warns of 8-12 inches of snow, ice, possible power outages in Virginia, Maryland and Washington as Winter Storm Titan approaches.

Happy, happy.
Joy, joy.