Book of the Year: The Golden Enclaves.

Really, the whole Scholomance series, but Naomi Novik’s The Golden Enclaves was probably my favorite book this year that I didn’t actually write, myself. Basically, the trilogy would have been a YA series about an outcast wizard girl (with a dark destiny) going to an alarmingly risky magical school, but the author made one disqualifying mistake: she forgot to make the whole thing suck. They’re so good I don’t even begrudge the big-publisher price. Well, maybe a little, but I bought them all in hardcover too, anyway. Check them out, obviously.

In the Mail: THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES (Hardcover).

Sure I had Naomi Novik’s THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES downloaded to my phone within an hour of it being released, but I wanted the hardcover. You know, in case the power ever goes out and doesn’t come back on again. Or, more prosaically, if Kindle ever goes out of business.

Also, I wanted the maps. Kindle doesn’t really handle maps well.


Book of the Week: THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES [Scholomance, Book 3].

Like this was a surprise, really. I’ve already read Naomi Novik’s THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES two and a half times and it came out five days ago. Now I’m going to read the whole series over again, and see how the clues in the first two books led to the three. What else really needs to be said, here.

Further commentary – none of it directed at Ms. Novik – has been deleted as being perhaps a bit… inflammatory.

Moe Lane

Posting may be weird tomorrow on account of THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES.

Seeing as I am anxiously watching the clock until Amazon auto-delivers Naomi Novik’s THE GOLDEN ENCLAVES* to my phone. It’s not that I’ve been waiting for this damn book for an entire year. Oh, no. I’ve been waiting for this damn book for two years, because I knew going in that I’d be buying the whole damn Scholomance series as soon as it came out.

So, there’s that.

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