Need to use up that Audible Credit? Try FROZEN DREAMS!

I’m still trying to decide whether TINSEL RAIN is going to get an audiobook. FROZEN DREAMS got one pretty much because of the Kickstarter, but it seemed to be a popular enough extra. And certainly when I have a larger catalog every little bit will help. So I haven’t decided yet.

Until then: Christmas is coming! I can’t sell merch because it’s too much a risk that it would have to be made with Chinese slave labor! I gotta work with what I got! REVISIONARIES will probably be popping up on my Author Page before too much longer, at least.

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Moe Lane

PS: New chapbook hopefully coming by the end of the year. KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES.

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I’m giving away five Audible codes for FROZEN DREAMS!

[UPDATE: 4 left]

First come, first served. These are real codes for FROZEN DREAMS, not the audio files; respond here or on Twitter* USA/UK only, alas: I have a bunch of codes for those two markets, but not the others. No hidden pitfalls or anything like that; just a free audiobook!

Moe Lane

*This is completely independent from the Kickstarter, but if you were to happen to back that project and then respond there I’ll consider those too from the point of view of timestamps.

Mailed FROZEN DREAMS to Keanu Reeves today!

Well, actually I mailed copies of Tim Powers’ DECLARE and THE STRESS OF HER REGARD to his agent, just in case Keanu Reeves was looking for new movie ideas. But when I looked at the box there was still space in it, and one of my author copies of FROZEN DREAMS was right there. No harm, right?

Mind you, this isn’t how you get a movie made from your book. I don’t even think I want a movie made from my book, because ironically I didn’t write it to be particularly cinematographic. But, worse case scenario: some minion at WME assigned to opening celebrity mail just scored three excellent books. I figure that’ll do for an act of generosity, at least.

Moe Lane

*Or just wanted something to read, because those are really, really good books and if you haven’t read them you should.

The Audiobook is doing well. I think.

I think my sales were perhaps a touch depressed by the minor detail that the people who wanted a FROZEN DREAMS audiobook got one via the Kickstarter. But that’s all right: they also paid for the audiobook, which was the important thing there. I don’t know if I’m going to offer an audiobook as a stretch goal for TINSEL RAIN, though*. Still trying to recalibrate expectations.

Moe Lane

*Assuming I do a Kickstarter. The ultimate goal is to not need to.

The Goodreads Best Books of 2020 Contest!

Just what it says on the tin. Here’s the link: and if you want to go ahead and write in FROZEN DREAMS under the Fantasy category I’m certainly not going to stop you*. As they say: it’s just an honor to be self-nominated.

Moe Lane

*Although A Deadly Education was… dear God but that was a good book. I read it something like three times in a row. I can’t wait for the sequel. :pause: Okay, yes, I’m arguing against interest but there’s no shame in losing anything to Naomi Novik.


I spent today doing something useful with my time: book outlines! I decided that it’d be a good idea to write out one for PATCHWORK GOD (sequel to a story in ANAGNORISIS) and TINSEL RAIN (the Shamus Tom Vargas sequel to FROZEN DREAMS). How… industrious of me.

Moe Lane

PS: I won’t tell you the details, save one: the last line of the TINSEL RAIN outline is There! Now people can have a bunch of goram sequels. Happy? …As you might deduce from that, I had not previously intended to turn FROZEN DREAMS itself into a series. But I can take a hint.

The TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol 1 Kickstarter begins in six days!

If you’re interested in passing that information around, you can tell folks to sign up for launch notifications here, or the mailing list here. I’m trying to hit a target of 35 Kickstarter followers for this project, and every little bit helps. For that matter, if you know somebody who needs a distraction feel free to send ’em this link to FROZEN DREAMS. Because, really, every little bit helps.