Atomic Overmind is bringing the Reign.

I’ve seen Reign referenced* in other game lines — mostly the ones that use Godlike’s One Roll Engine — but have never actually played it.  Greg Stolze’s a good get for Atomic Overmind, though; dude’s got a solid roleplaying game designer rep. Having him do a second edition will likely work out in both side’s favor.  I look forward to seeing the result.

Moe Lane

*It appears to be a game that takes special care to map out how large groups and countries would interact with each other in a RPG setting — and how to have players game that sort of thing out.  Kind of high concept, in other words. The sort of thing that normally GMs do for their players, in campaigns where the PCs don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of that themselves.

In the Mail: “You.”

You is a book by Greg Stolze that’s set in the Unknown Armies RPG universe.  I got my copy via Kickstarter, but the book itself is now available for sale. I look forward to reading it this afternoon.

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The ‘Thank You For Screaming’ Kickstarter.

Greg Stolze – dude who works on stuff like Unknown Armies and Delta Green, which are both coming out in new editions (and thus partially redeeming what has otherwise been the Year From Hell*) – has a Kickstarter going on for his fiction collection “Thank you for screaming.” I got his “The Forgotten Monk” book earlier; Stolze can write. Check it out.

Moe Lane

*And Hell doesn’t want it back, either. Can’t say that I blame ’em.

In the e-mail: @GregStolze’s ‘The Forgotten Monk.’

The Forgotten Monk is set in the fantasy RPG world of 13th Age; fortunately, Greg Stolze knows how to write, so I’m not worried that this will be a problem. The book is not actually out yet, though. I got an early copy, thanks to the Kickstarter. I figured that it wasn’t really much of a risk, because, again, Greg Stolze knows how to write. Besides, the more money he makes now, maybe the faster the new edition of Unknown Armies comes out…

Just finished “SINNER” by Greg Stolze.

SINNER was not bad, especially when you consider it was a five buck Kindle special: it was an interesting superhero (well, supervillain) novel which engaged my interest enough to read it through in one sitting. Greg Stolze has done some serious crackerjack roleplaying game writing; if you’re into that then you should check this one out.

In the Mail: Grim War.

Grim War was written by Greg Stolze and Ken Hite for the Wild Talents superhero RPG, and it promises to be full of the occult-meets-mutant-meets-Cold-War goodness that I would expect from those two.  I’m a sucker for horror/occult spy stuff, to be honest*; I dunno if I’d run a game using that sort of thing, but then one of the deep, dark secrets of the roleplaying community is that we read this stuff for fun even if we’re not going to do an actual campaign about it.

Moe Lane

*If you are, too: Declare.  Tim Powers.  If you haven’t read it yet, do so if you wish to have a pleasant few days.