Remember: oral arguments Tuesday on the Hobby Lobby case.

I came perilously close to writing this post in a white-hot fury (for reasons only indirectly related to the case), but wrath is a counter-productive emotion in this particular situation.  Suffice it to say that the people that run Hobby Lobby are adamant that they not be required to pay for drugs that they consider to be abortifacients; and while I’m personally sorry if this bothers progressives I am equally adamant that progressives get it through their collective skulls that they are not the sole arbiters of morality in this country. They are not, in fact, even the primary arbiters; and for what I consider to be very good reasons.

Rant over.  Enjoy your Sunday morning.


Had my regular @HobbyLobbyStore framer today!

As I opened up the art packaging she murmured And what interesting thing have you brought me to be framed today*?  …I get the impression that I bring in some of the more unusual items for framing.

This pleases me. Particularly since by now she feels free to tell me when I’ve picked out the wrong kind of frame and/or matting for a particular picture. Good customer service is key for modern retail…

Moe Lane

*This, for the curious. It’ll take a few days to finish framing, though: signed prints take a certain amount of careful handling.


Hobby Lobby #Obamacare conscience exemption case to be heard by Supreme Court.

Not unexpected, but not before time, either.

The U.S. Supreme Court today agreed to review the lawsuit filed by Hobby Lobby against the federal government over the Obamacare mandate that employers provide contraceptive coverage in their health plans.

Hobby Lobby, which is owned by an Oklahoma City family with strong Christian beliefs, says a 1993 law, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, protects the company from the mandate. The company is particularly opposed to paying for coverage that includes the morning after pill.



Hobby Lobby locks down injunction over HHS abortion drug mandate.

Note that they haven’t won, yet: they’re merely no longer under the gun while they sue to have the HHS abortion drug mandate declared unconstitutional.

Today, a federal court granted Hobby Lobby a preliminary injunction against the HHS abortion-drug mandate. The injunction prevents the Obama administration from enforcing the mandate against the Christian company, which does not want to be compelled to pay for birth control or drugs that may cause abortions.


In an opinion read from the bench, the court said, “There is a substantial public interest in ensuring that no individual or corporation has their legs cut out from under them while these difficult issues are resolved.”



Hobby Lobby will not be fined for pursuing liberty of conscience contraception case.

Good news for the craft store chain:

In a health care decision giving hope to opponents of the federal birth-control coverage mandate, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Hobby Lobby stores won’t have to start paying millions of dollars in fines next week for not complying with the requirement.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver decided the Oklahoma City-based arts and crafts chain can proceed with its case and won’t be subject to fines in the meantime.

The reprieve gives Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. more time to argue in a lower court that for-profit businesses — not just currently exempted religious groups — should be allowed to seek an exception if the law violates their religious beliefs.

Background here: basically, for “birth-control” read “‘morning-after’ and ‘week-after’ pill,” both of which are abortifacients in the opinion of the owners* and thus anathema.  Hobby Lobby, which is not a franchise, is looking at hefty fines for this position; the company has been adamant about not paying for what they consider to be state-sanctioned murder**, and now that they don’t have to worry about a deadline before they’d be forced to pay an estimated $1.3 million/a day while fighting this ruling they’ll likely be litigating this case all the way to the Supreme Court. (more…)


New exhibits to the Lane Art Collection.

Private viewings by appointment only, I’m afraid. 

First off (from Robyn Seales) we have this lovely updating of the traditional British exhortation: (more…)


Went to @hobbylobbystore today to get something framed.

Was going to go somewhere else, but then the government decided to screw with freedom of conscience wrt Obamacare. So I figured that Hobby Lobby needed the business.

Background here.

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