Did you miss the Delta Green: Labyrinth Kickstarter?

This Backerkit link should work, if you want to pre-order either Delta Green: Labyrinth (groups to implode in play during a Delta Green campaign) or Delta Green: Those Who Come After (sourcebook for the time-traveling, body-stealing Great Race of Yith).  Plus, of course, all the extras that came along with that particular Delta Green Kickstarter.  It won’t give you the same deal, but that’s why they have Kickstarter.

I am very curious about how this particular game line will develop further.


Delta Green: Labyrinth Kickstarter pushed back a week.

I can stop haunting Kickstarter now: Delta Green: Labyrinth will drop on July 9th.  …We.  We can stop haunting Kickstarter now.  Surely I was not the only person in the world popping over at random to do searches today.  Surely?

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