In the Mail: The ‘King In Yellow’ Tarot deck.

Man, I had forgotten I had even ordered this sucker. It was part of a Delta Green Kickstarter from – was it before the pandemic? Yeah, it was from before then; and let this be a lesson to all of us. Don’t promise what you don’t actually have.

Which reminds me; I need to get working on stuff so I can keep the wheels of my own Kickstarter grinding…

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t perform occult rituals, Tarot cards don’t work anyway, and both the Cthulhu Mythos and the King in Yellow are made up. I’m not worried about having this game prop in my house, although it is giving me an idea for a horror story, down the line.

In the Mail: the Phenomen-X T-shirt.

This is a Delta Green thing. Basically, Phenomen-X is a TV show in the Delta Green universe that purports to cover extraterrestrial- and mystical-related stories. Totally fake, totally cheesy, and then a team went to a particular town to cover an alien abduction story. The sole survivor (and soon, chief producer) now absolutely believes something is going on… and, given that this is Delta Green, it’s all going to end badly for him and his show.

In the meantime, I got the T-shirt!


DELTA GREEN: IMPOSSIBLE LANDSCAPES is the King in Yellow supplement*, and I am sure it will be the perfect book to leaf through during my post-surgical recovery. …Okay, so that is how a cosmic horror story starts. But this is real life.

…Dammit, still doing it.

Moe Lane

*And thank God for Kickstarters, because these books are gonna be expensive.

Delta Green’s BLACK SITES supplement looks nice.

Expensive, but nice.

I already have most of this in PDFs, at least.

Delta Green hath an app.

The Delta Green app‘s Agent generator isn’t quite as awesome as I’d like — it mostly just gives name and background — but the Green Box random item generator is great. So great that I don’t want to wear it out early by clicking clicking clicking until I run out of weird stuff to find. …And they used to have something similar (random boxes in Warehouse 23) at Steve Jackson Games, but I can’t find it now. Which is a shame: they put a couple of my ideas up, and I was fond of them.

Tweet of the Day, This Is More A Night’s Black Agents Kind Of Scenario edition.

I mean, it’s more thematically sound, right?

In the Cthulhu Mythos, a straight-up vampire attack would pretty much be a relief.  You can kill vampires.  There are multiple ways to do it, even.  Which is why HP Lovecraft invented the Cthulhu Mythos, come to think of it.  Vampires just weren’t as scary as they used to be.