#rsrh Breitbart.com remembers Ted Criuz at the RedState Gathering.

What can I say? Apparently every little bit helps.

Breitbart.com was kind enough to note that RedState had Ted Cruz show up at our 2009 gathering to speak, as well as interview with us after the fact.  At the time he was running for Texas Attorney General, of course.

And – normally I’d say ‘not to brag, or anything,’ except that I totally mean to brag: Ted Cruz’s win last night means that we’re poised to have had three future Senators (Cruz, Pat Toomey, and Marco Rubio), one state’s Attorney General (Ken Cucchinelli), and one future Governor (Nikki Haley) speak at our first RedState Gathering.  Which is… not very shabby, is it?  Mind you, the point here is to provide the attendees with access to the folks who we’d all like to see running the GOP and the conservative movement, not give people like me the opportunity to brag.  Bragging rights are merely a fortunate byproduct of being a successful activist site, and thus not a critical part of the exercise at all.

Still.  Not too shabby.

Moe Lane

RS Gathering 2011: Don Stenberg (R CAND, NE-SEN PRIMARY).

This is, unfortunately, a bit late: there were some problems with this and another video, which have seen been resolved.  At any rate, Don was one of our speakers at the Gathering – he’s hoping to defeat the other pseudo-moderate Democratic Senator named Nelson in the US Senate – and Don took a few moments to talk with us the night before:

Don’s site is here.

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RS Gathering 2011: Adam Hasner (R CAND, FL-SEN PRIMARY).

Adam Hasner was one of our speakers at the RedState Gathering, and he was available for a few moments for comments.  You may recognize the backdrop; it’s from the Teddy Roosevelt painting, and I’d like to note that I think that campaigns looking for nice backgrounds from which to do their videos could do worse than use Steve Penley’s stuff.

Adam’s site is here.  I liked talking with him; nice guy.  The phony-moderate Democratic Senator named Nelson that Adam’s running against is Bill, by the way: Ben Nelson’s the phony-moderate Democratic Senator from Nebraska.  Keeping track of which one is which is an annoyance; but with any luck and a good bit of work, it’s an annoyance that will abruptly end, starting January 2013…

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Steve Penley: The RS Gathering’s secret weapon.

If you attended the RS Gathering, or saw some of the photos that were taken by various and sundry folks, then you saw various paintings by an artist named Steve Penley scattered across the event. We were EXTREMELY FORTUNATE that Steve allowed us to have access to his work for the event; he’s been a quiet favorite among RedState Contributors for some time now, and having his paintings available at the Gathering gave it a certain touch of style.

You can see a video below that Steve put together showing his style (pop art, without the cynicism) and subject matter (various iconography):

…and below the fold are two of my favorites. I encourage folks to check Steve out; prints of his “Delaware” (or a close variant of it, at least) are available through this site.

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Just a reminder: the RedState Gathering is this weekend.

If you’re attending, feel free to look me up.  I’ll be one of the guys with the harried look on his face (when I’m not one of the guys hiding in the bar, beer in hand); these things are great fun, but they’re very much working vacations for me.  The Media maw must be fed content, and this is a place where I can generate any number of candidate and politician interviews.  And the Gatherings don’t run themselves, so somebody’s got to run around and lend a hand.  At that, I have a heck of a lot less to keep track of than Erick or Caleb or Neil or various Eagle Publishing folks.

But it is in fact still a vacation, and I’m always happy to talk to a reader of my stuff.

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