Wrapped, enveloped, labeled, sealed, and mailed. I had good timing, too: the post office was pretty much empty (I let the one person behind me go first, since I had an entire cart of envelopes with me). People who did the Kickstarter should start getting their copies in a few days. If you don’t, let me know.

Now it’s just the sampler, and I am done with the Kickstarter. Huzzah!

Moe Lane

Day 3, Fulfilling the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter.

The books are ready for shipping! Well, except for one person I’m waiting to hear back from to find out if they want two of one book or one each of two books. So if you’ve gotten an email from me on that, let me know.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll take ’em all over to the post office and mail ’em out, along with a few complimentary copies to various people and so forth. Assuming it doesn’t rain, which it has been doing with some regularity over the last week or so (when it’s not snowing). I am so ready for winter to be over…

Moe Lane

PS: Books can be bought here.

Day 2, Fulfilling the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter.

Well, the bulk of the packaging is done.

Tomorrow I do all the more persnickety ones, including the international copies. We’re still on-track for me mailing them out Wednesday, which would hopefully mean people will start getting them by the end of the week. At least, that’s the goal. And from there it’s just a matter of finishing up the sampler. With any luck I’ll have it all done two weeks early.

Moe Lane

PS: Books all available here.

Regretfully, the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION pre-order store is now CLOSED.

Which just means that if you didn’t do the Kickstarter and want a signed copy of TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION (or any of my other books), you’ll just have to buy a print book from Amazon and track me down at a convention, when we start having those again. Or wait until the next Kickstarter. I do need to work out how to sell copies directly, but unfortunately I’m still two or three books away from the daily sales needed to justify the effort.

TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter update: the books are in!


Also on Amazon.

The Kickstarter reward books. My next step is to create shipping profiles, sign my signature a billion times, print out labels, and get these suckers out. Hopefully that will not take more than a week. After that, all I have to do is get the sampler done and then this project is largely in the can.  Huzzah!

Moe Lane

PS: Pre-order store is still open, and I have a slight margin of extra books that I can use to fulfill pre-orders right away.

Racing tonight on the Penny Arcade circuit!

The theme for this week’s race is ‘Unnecessary Censorship.’ It starts at 11 PM Eastern time, as usual. The guy (beastGP) putting together my sponsored car made some temporary modifications of the logo:

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These are the ones that will be signed! I did order a few extra, so I’m keeping the store open, just in case. But when I run out of extras I am closing the preorder store! THERE’S NO TIME! Take your chance here, and now!

…Or pick TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION up on Amazon, to be sure.

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Pre-orders for TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION close Friday! Book’s in print!

I went through last night and stomped typos left and right, took a deep breath, and pulled the trigger. I’ve looked at TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION easily for long enough that the words are just random jumbles of letters on the page who’s gonna buy this, man, but every author does that with every book they write. The important thing is, now you can BUY it.

Also: the pre-order store’s closing Friday. Now is the time to get those signed copies.

New Penny Arcade race tonight featuring a Flying Koala sponsor car!

11 PM Eastern time. Different car, different color scheme, same inherent coolness:

I’ve been practicing talking like a sponsor. Well, we here at Flying Koala Publishers are just thrilled to be able to help support races like these, and give something back to the racin’ community. We’re looking forward to an excitin’ time tonight; and we wish all the drivers good luck, and good racin’. Stuff like that is part of the fun.