Air Pirates!

It’s a webcomic called Kitty Hawk, and it looks nicely pulpy. It’s also just getting started, so there’s not the usual “five million pages of backstory to get through first” to worry about. Although that may not be a selling point.

Moe Lane

PS: I should note that Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is probably the best pulp-evocative movie that we’ve had recently, and that Adventure! still does the best job at recreating pulp-era adventures for roleplaying games.  I welcome arguments otherwise.

The impressive thing about Dungeons & Discourse…

…examples found here and here is how accessible the concept is to people like myself: i.e., one step above pig-ignorant about philosophy. Dresden Codak in general is like that; it’d be one of my favorite webcomics if he’d just buckle down and get to work on it on a regular basis.

Hey, Schlock Mercenary demonstrates that you can combine quality with professional-level reliability…

A useful corrective, for us political types.

I’m not saying that Randy Milholland is precisely normal – he’d probably be offended if I suggested that – but he may not be completely incorrect, here.

Something Positive needs some better sharing options, though. Just saying. The way that Achewood and xkcd set things up is pretty good.

The infuriating part about Darths and Droids

For those who don’t read it, the conceit behind Darths & Droids is that it describes a fake roleplaying campaign, using still photos from Phantom Menace (for example, the Jar-Jar Binks character is being run by a seven-year-old girl*, which really explains it all) – anyway, the infuriating part is not that the campaign notes found here (just before they were gleefully shredded by the players) are not better than Lucas’ vision.

No, the infuriating part is that David Morgan-Mar effectively proved that a make-it-up as you go along, ad hoc last-minute changes scattered throughout the narrative, the players didn’t read the background material given them by the GM and can’t even remember any proper nouns, everybody’s pushing the rules as far as they’ll go, pretty much typical roleplaying game campaign would also be better than Lucas’ vision.

Frustrating.  But funny!

Moe Lane

*Who, by the way, has damn good roleplaying reflexes.  If she actually existed, I’d let her play in my campaign.