The BIRDS OF PREY* Honest Trailer.

…Huh. Apparently the BIRDS OF PREY* movie didn’t… suck? I was getting one hell of a ‘this is gonna suck’ vibe of that flick, which is why I didn’t see it. But Honest Trailers didn’t rip it to shreds and stamp on the shreds.

Go figure.

Moe Lane

*I’m not bothering with that stupid subtitle, either.

The BIRDS OF PREY trailer.

I need to process this BIRDS OF PREY trailer a little more.

The problem is, I am trying to match it up with THE JOKER, which is coming out soon. I know that I should not be, but in a very odd way the two movies seem to be almost… congruent? Not because they are similar, but possibly because each one promises to be drastically f*cked up in the head, so they feel kind of the same. I also suspect that this Harley Quinn will like the new Joker more than she ended up liking the old Joker. Take that as you will.

Moe Lane

PS: Disclaimer: I liked SUICIDE SQUAD, so what do I know?

Birds of Prey update: no Batgirl, villain to be Black Mask.

Interesting. No Catwoman, either:  Birds of Prey will feature Harley Quinn, Huntress, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya, who *I* remember as the smart Gotham City cop in The New Batman Adventures but who is apparently the second Question in regular continuity (also, gay**).  According to the the gestalt of the various synopses and revelations out there, these four will be teaming up to save a child Cassandra Cain (who later grows up to be a Batgirl) from the crime boss Black Mask.  Continue reading Birds of Prey update: no Batgirl, villain to be Black Mask.

So apparently they made a Batman spinoff called ‘Birds of Prey.’

As noted here.  Live-action, dated from 2002, and sans an actual Batman: it stars Oracle and Huntress, and apparently Black Canary?  I haven’t watched the pilot yet, although I have it queued up at Amazon even as we speak. This is apparently the Earth-2 Huntress, which has implications that you’ll work out as soon as you watch the pilot (free if you have Prime).  I find myself oddly fascinated by this show, on an quasi-intellectual level.  What did the directors and writers think was important, back then?

Guess I’ll let you know.