COVENANTS now in Kindle pre-order!

Four-story chapbook now available for preorder in Kindle! Covenants: Four Tales of Agreements! The paperback will be worked on next week, after I give the remaining typos a chance to think the coast is clear.

Follow along as MARIE VISITS THE CONTINENT, on a mission of delicacy, and monsters. Sally forth with Duchess Carlotta into a zombie-haunted world as she takes THE QUEST FROM CASTLE WINDERMERE. Go on a TOUR OF DUTY in the interstellar spaces between charnel worlds. And lastly, discover with our horrified narrator that, after long, long years… THE STARS ARE WRONG. Enjoy! (Four stories, fifty eight thousand words total, each with its own illustration.)


So it’s official-official: my next chapbook will be DUTIES.

It’s official-official because I put down the down payment for the art. I hope to have DUTIES ready for Fright Reads, because that’ll mean I’ll have two new things for that event (the other being TINSEL RAIN). But definitely by the end of the year!

So now I just have to buckle down and get that chapbook ready for the readers. Yay…

Moe Lane

PS: It has been not the best month or so for my motivation, alas. But it’s not like I have a clone to foist off writing duty on…


So, it looks like maybe I can get the next chapbook ready in time…

…to have it for FrightReads (tentative title: DUTIES). I’m talking to the artist now; she should have plenty of time to finish the art. So if I can revise the stories and get them beta-read in a timely fashion, Amazon can do the rest. And, if not: they’ll be ready for the next con. I definitely will be selling TINSEL RAIN at FrightReads, of course. Looking forward to it!


I *think* I can still manage another chapbook this year after all.

The Kickstarter over-performed just enough to give me some margin and still be able to have books for the con circuit this fall. God willing and the creek don’t rise, at least. It must be nice to have liquidity – mind you, compared to most self-published authors I apparently do. At least until 2022. I dunno, maybe I’ll have a good enough backlist by then.

Speaking off… feel free to share the love, hey?