Big shakeup in the Trump campaign.

As the Tweet below reveals: campaign manager Lewandowski has been neutered, and Paul Manafort has been elevated. Which means that the Trump campaign will stop being about trying to win races and start being about trying to protect delegates. Which is probably their smartest move, but it’s not necessarily ‘smart’ as an objective benchmark. Continue reading Big shakeup in the Trump campaign.

Democrat reduced to supporting the not-David Vitter Republicans in the LA-GOV race.

I have a weakness for articles like this.

Let’s get to the point: A Democrat … cannot win a Louisiana statewide election. Twenty years ago, someone like [Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel] Edwards would have been unbeatable. Today, however, a vote for the Amite Democrat is, for all practical purposes, a vote for Vitter.

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Starbucks to introduce unsolicited racial discussions, reduced market share to menu.

I do not see how this could possibly end badly: “Beginning on Monday, Starbucks baristas will have the option as they serve customers to hand cups on which they’ve handwritten the words “Race Together” and start a discussion about race.”  …And hopefully by Friday Starbucks will discover that roughly one-fourth of its customer base would very much like to respond to a discussion of race with the factual statement of “Gee, Senator Moynihan pretty much called it when he said that breaking up the nuclear family unit was going to blight African-Americans for generations, huh?”  But they won’t, because in this particular case ‘discussion about race’ freely translates to ‘lecture the white person on race.’  That’s fine for the Left; they kind of have a taste for that sort of thing. Continue reading Starbucks to introduce unsolicited racial discussions, reduced market share to menu.

Well, I’m sure that new Democratic Montana Senate candidate Amanda Curtis MEANS well.

Or at least she means something.

Some people never seem to learn that social media is this giant whirring cloud of razor blades that can flense a person’s political career in an instant. I mean, seriously: no politician who wants to run in a statewide race anywhere should ever be recorded with an unmistakable sneer in his/her voice when saying the word ‘Christianity.’ I don’t care what the context is, because neither will voters.

And no, life is not particularly fair.

Moe Lane

PS: Admittedly, I am punching down here. One reason why it’s not going up on the front page of RedState.

What can we conclude from the #sdmayor race?

As noted already, San Diego’s mayoral election was last night: and Republican Kevin Faulconer pretty much walked over Democratic David Alvarez, 55-45.  There are, I think, three things to take away from this:

  • Last-minute swooping in did nothing.  To paraphrase somebody or other, the days where we could safely discount Barack Obama’s ability to move the needle for a candidate are certainly coming to a middle. I suspect that the President was looking for an easy win, which is why the aforementioned swooping.  Alas…
  • Big Labor ain’t what it used to be. They kind of wanted this election.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I assume that the labor movement had a reason for pouring millions of dollars down a sinkhole. I think that they did both themselves and the President a disservice here, though: they both wasted a lot of money, and convinced President Obama to jump into a contest that he should have stayed away from. Because… Continue reading What can we conclude from the #sdmayor race?