Pre-orders for TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION close Friday! Book’s in print!

I went through last night and stomped typos left and right, took a deep breath, and pulled the trigger. I’ve looked at TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION easily for long enough that the words are just random jumbles of letters on the page who’s gonna buy this, man, but every author does that with every book they write. The important thing is, now you can BUY it.

Also: the pre-order store’s closing Friday. Now is the time to get those signed copies.

09/13/2020 Update, DUTIES Project.

13,140/32,000 Words.

Worked on: The Fight in the Grove

DUTIES is going to be four previously published stories: “Processing Duty,” “The Fight In the Grove,” “Frogman Prince,” and (my personal favorite) “Meatbags.” I was originally going to type “published on Patreon,” but since all the magazines out there insist on treating them as bloody reprints they can damn well not be hyphenated-published stories. Fair’s fair.

A bit of a taste:

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So, what *is* a successful author, anyway?

It’s a really interesting question; and, as you might imagine, one that’s of some interest to me. Depending on who you ask, so far FROZEN DREAMS has either broken through the average number of sales for a new book, or is rapidly approaching it, or the entire conversation is ridiculous because the Kickstarter skewed everything. The number ‘250’ gets bandied about a lot, you see; only I’ve seen people confidently say that should be e-book sales, and others say that only print copies count, and still more say that the true number for print copies should be about 100, and then people start suggesting it should be about how much money you’re making per year.

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I’m not getting any work done this weekend, am I?

…It took me a couple of hours to add this line; so, clearly, I will not. Sorry, it’s just – there are ISBN numbers involved, OK? It’s starting to feel real. And the independent writer life apparently ain’t exactly for the timid. And, like virtually everybody else in the planet, I don’t like the idea of not being successful.

All of this means it’s really easy for me to slip into sloth, honestly. I’m not saying this for sympathy, just to blow off some steam. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Just as soon as Monday rolls around…

Oh, hey, got a nibble today.

Not a sale, but the story made it past the first round. Which is encouraging! Lord knows you can feel stalled in this business, sometimes.  Or more than sometimes… still, mustn’t grumble.  I’ll know more at a later time – and, again, this isn’t a sale, just me making advancing along in the process.

Thanks, by the way, for all the encouragement that I’ve gotten in the past and will get in the future. It really does help.  Anybody who does art will tell you that, too.