The Turn of the Wheel: Sam Raimi in talks to direct DOCTOR STRANGE 2.

I’ll allow it.

Sam Raimi, who helped launch the modern superhero movie with 2002’s “Spider-Man,” is in talks to direct “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” for Marvel Studios, Variety has learned.

Raimi replaces original director Scott Derrickson, who Variety reported on Jan. 9 had officially departed the project due to creative differences. Derrickson will remain as an executive producer. Raimi, meanwhile, will need to get up to speed before the film’s scheduled production start date in May.

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Looks like MCU’s Phase Four is on track.

Word’s going down that a Marvel Phase 4 flick’s going to start filming in the UK next year.  If I had to guess, from the three possibilities mentioned (Doctor Strange 2, Black Widow, or The Eternals*), I’d say that it’s going to be the Doctor Strange sequel… what’s that?  There was That Thing That Happened? Continue reading Looks like MCU’s Phase Four is on track.

RIP, Steve Ditko.

Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Squirrel Girl. Steve Ditko was an extremely private person, and it is unclear if he had any family or loved ones.  But I will be a lucky man if I ever create something half as iconic as Spider-Man. That character is one of the images that they will remember from our era.  There are worse legacies to have; in fact, there aren’t that many that are better.

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So, Friday: The Magnificent Seven, or Doctor Strange?

…actually, never mind: The Magnificent Seven ain’t playing anymore anywhere near me.  Guess it didn’t make enough of a splash.  Ach, well, that’s why there are DVD players.

Let’s start over.  So, Friday: Doctor Strange!  I hear that it’s a hoot.


[UPDATE: Hmm. I need to take a look at my posting style. It’s gotten a bit too sparse in the last few months.]

The ‘Doctor Strange’ teaser trailer.

Because Marvel will not be constrained by your puny limitations, mortals! You will have a Doctor Strange movie, and it will make hundreds of millions of dollars, and it won’t matter that he’s not a top-shelf Marvel hero! None of them ever are! It doesn’t matter! The X-Men and FF franchises are trying to figure out right now how to emulate Spider-man’s example and get themselves crammed back into the MCU!

Plus, it has Benedict Cumberbatch in it.