Second Tokyo board drops this week on Secret World Legends.

Also, stage two of any vanity transfers from your old The Secret World account to the new Secret World Legends account.  So, basically, go into your old account, buy every pet and hat you can find, and generally drain your account of various currencies.  Then go transfer it over, and voila! – You get a bunch of your old cosmetics back.

…Yeah, I know that this isn’t really interesting to people who read me and who don’t play SWL, but it’s the second-most exciting thing that’s going to happen around here this week*.  Anyway, they’re going to be putting up the Tokyo Docks this week, and there’s a bunch of changes involved.  It’s promising to be very exciting, although I don’t think that we’re quite at the point where we’re getting the Tokyo dungeons back; I guess those and the Tokyo Lair is going to be bundled up with the Orochi Tower later. (more…)


FunCom suspends players who bought stolen Secret World Legends currency.

Well, I guess it’s an indication that Secret World Legends is succeeding: gold farming is alive and well. From Facebook:

Over this past weekend, our systems identified a number of accounts that were involved in purchasing Marks of Favour from third-party sites. These accounts are now suspended, and we will continue taking action against similar accounts moving forward.

Please be aware that we are taking a no-tolerance approach to this matter. Currency that these third-party sellers offer comes from purchases made with stolen payment information. This is the case for nearly every instance of this we’ve come across, and this is considered fraud.



In the mail: my Conan Exiles T-Shirt!

And I suspect that FunCom and I have slightly different definitions of what ‘XXL’ means.  They are located in Sweden, after all.  Still, it’s a pretty design:



So, apparently Conan Exiles saved FunCom’s butt.

Which is good to hear, because FunCom’s The Secret World is still my favorite MMO.  Although it hasn’t had much new stuff, and I was worried about that, mind you. But I hadn’t realized how worried I should have been:

Speaking to Engadget at GDC, [FunCom] creative director Joel Bylos said the company was so close to bankruptcy before Conan Exiles it was borrowing from investors to make payroll. Seeking a way out of this dire situation, Funcom took to SteamSpy to see what sort of games sold strongly enough to make the bank needed to keep the company afloat – and which it could afford to make. The plethora of dodgy survival games on Steam was the answer.

“These games sell a lot, but they’re not that high quality. We could definitely hit that bar,” Bylos said. And lo! Conan Exiles was born.



Funcom’s ‘The Park’ has dropped on Steam.

The Park is a horror game, more or less; that is, it’s definitely horror*, but it isn’t exactly a game.  I don’t think that you can actually die or lose it, but I admit that I haven’t played all the way through yet. Not because it’s bad, but because it’ll probably be more fun to play – or watch? – The Park late at night.  If you’re a The Secret World fan, I’d suggest getting it – if only because The Park comes with in-game gear for TSW.  Chipmunk suits are going to be all the rage for the next day or two…

Moe Lane

*Done by Funcom, and uses the same setting as Funcom’s The Secret World MMO.  Kind of.

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