RIP, Steve Ditko.

Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Squirrel Girl. Steve Ditko was an extremely private person, and it is unclear if he had any family or loved ones.  But I will be a lucky man if I ever create something half as iconic as Spider-Man. That character is one of the images that they will remember from our era.  There are worse legacies to have; in fact, there aren’t that many that are better.

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Miles Morales nod/hint in Spider-Man Homecoming.

Interesting: “Reddit user 1800DESOLATE spotted a Miles Morales nod during Spider-Man: Homecoming’s credits sequence. The specific frame for [Jon] Watts’ directorial credit features Spider-Man’s iconic mask in the background. But as it turns out, zooming out the screen’s perspective reveals Miles Morales’ black and red mask layered behind Peter Parker’s.” It could also be a photo negative, except that Morales’ uncle Aaron Davis (aka The Prowler) appeared in Spider-Man Homecoming.



Tweet of the Day, A Sinister Six Movie? edition.




So, *will* there be a Spider-Man (Homecoming) 3?

It’s an interesting question: apparently Tom Holland is under the impression that there’s going to be a trilogy of standalone Spider-Man movies.  Certainly there’s going to be a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, because that’s already been agreed to. And Spider-man will be in Avengers: Infinity War, because that’s already been agreed to, too. But Holland was specifically talking about a third Spider-Man standalone, which has not been agreed to. As we all know by now, Spidey’s in the MCU as the result of some extremely intricate negotiations between two media conglomerates who both had something to gain by working together (Disney got to put Spider-Man in a flick, Sony got the same with regard to Iron Man, and probably some other MCU earners).  As that article notes, if they want to continue this, there’s got to be a new deal.

I suspect that there will be a new deal, actually. But that’s only if Spider-Man: Homecoming is a blockbuster. If it is, then sharing the toys is in everybody’s long-term business interests. Sony makes money off of Marvel intellectual properties in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they’re making the universe slightly worse, Disney gets access to Spider-Man merchandising revenue streams without having to be even a little bit illegal, oh, yeah, the fans get to see Spidey and Cap and Thor hang out, and everybody is happy.

If Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn’t tank. If it does, well, that’s why they call it an experiment. Just business, boychik.


The most interesting cinematic conspiracy theory I’ve seen today (Spider-man/Life/Venom).

OK, so basically Sony is going to make a Venom movie.   …OK.  You know something?  That’s fine. That could be watchable. Lord knows Sony is probably smarting at the way that it had to kiss up to Marvel to get Spider-Man to appear in the MCU; they want to make some money of their own, they’ve got the rights to Venom, it might not suck.  And, hey, it can back into the MCU the way that Deadpool kind of pretended to do with the Helicarrier and everything. So… all right.  Good luck with that, Sony. I mean it. (more…)


So, Spider-Man: Homecoming put up today a teaser trailer to tomorrow’s trailer.

And we’re all gonna click, because we’re all weak like that.  Plus, web-wings and mechanical web-shooters.  Although I liked Sam Raimi’s biological web-shooters and I feel no shame in saying so.


Tweet of the Day, STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT I’M NOT LISTENING edition.

Excuse me, but I need to go buy a sports car and a scarf now*.

Hell of a thing to see before you even have your first cup of coffee, let me tell you.

Moe Lane

*Didn’t inherit the male pattern baldness that manifests on my mother’s side of the family, thank God. So: no need for one of those caps.


The Mouse pries a couple of Sony’s fingers off of Spider-Man.

The news in the first sentence may be normally problematic, but it’s made up for by the second one:

In the wake of its deal to co-produce Sony’s next “Spider-Man” movie, Disney has delayed the release of four upcoming Marvel superhero movies to make way for it.

Sony and Disney said Monday that they will co-produce the next “Spider-Man” film, marking a new creative direction for the character, which will be released by Sony on July 28, 2017.

Forgive me for saying this, but I’d delay the Ms. Marvel movie and Thor sequel in order to get Spidey in the rotation of a sensible Marvel Universe franchise as early as possible, too.  …I’d make a sardonic comment about the new Spider-man movies right now, except that I haven’t seen them.  No, I don’t know why that’s stopping me, either.

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Spiderman subdues robber!

(Via Drudge) In Australia!

SPIDERMAN foiled a would-be thief as Jedi Knights blocked his escape route.

No, it’s not a comic book plot but the scene which unravelled in a Australian book store on Saturday.

Store owner Michael Baulderstone, dressed as Spiderman, spotted the man trying to steal an X-Men book worth $160 (£97).

The 45-year-old called for back-up and the hapless thief was surrounded by superheroes within seconds.

the video is exceptionally less cool, though.



Clive Barker’s… Web of Scars*!

*Not really. Buddy of mine sent this one along:

Obviously, it isn’t Clive Barker, and it isn’t Clive Barker doing Spider-Man, but if Clive Barker ever did do Spider-Man it would totally rock.

In a kind of disturbing way, of course.

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