HAHAHAHAH! Good one, Ain’t it Cool News.

(H/T AceYou almost had me believing that Lucas was going to do a Star Wars TV series; but even he’s not that twis…

Sweet merciful Jesus.

Picture via Encyclopedia Dramatica, a site that I will never, ever admit to having read in any other context. Just like the rest of the Internet.

Funny or Die brings us “Nationalized Citibank.”

[UPDATE] Via Brother Caleb: Salon is very, very unhappy at this commercial. Savor it, my droogies. Savor.

Via a will-remain-nameless colleague, the language is very rough, but the sentiment is very real:

Dunno whether to tag this as politics or not-politics. Probably both.

Would you believe that this was Raul Julia’s last movie role?

Honest to God. The hell of it is, I don’t know that Raul Julia wouldn’t have changed things around if he had known that Street Fighter would have been the last time he’d be on the silver screen. Nobody chews scenery like he did in that film unless he’s having fun.

A colleague’s real-time review of Watchmen.

“There are multiple scenes of giant blue penis.”

I have apparently not reached the maturity level of a 13 year old child, because I thought that the above was the funniest thing I read all night.

Oh, well, I didn’t complain when they dressed Mystique in a blue paint job; I guess that fair’s fair. Besides, it’s true to the comic.

More or less.

Moe Lane