dKos decides that now is the time to remove remaining rump Democratic ‘moderates.’

Markos Moulitsas apparently wishes to lead the movers of garbage out on strike for better working conditions*.

In a remarkable post [link removed**] yesterday, Moulitsas, founder and publisher of the progressive community site DailyKos, celebrates the departure from the Senate of 10 moderate Democrats over the last decade, and makes clear his hope that Senators Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and Mary Landrieu (D-La.) lose their tough reelection battles this year. He doesn’t name some other moderates in tight races, like Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), but his logic suggests that he’d be only too happy to say goodbye to them as well.

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*Actually* appalling: @DKElections’ racist position on Virginia redistricting.

I guess that increased minority representation is only supposed to shove Republicans out of the way, not white Democrats:

Tsk, tsk, tsk. One hundred fifty years after Lincoln and sixty after Eisenhower, and we still have Democrats standing in the way of increased minority representation in Congress. Personally, I blame our educational system; the whole damn thing seems to reek of barely-suppressed fear and rage towards blacks and other minorities, sometimes…

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, it’s not my fault if progressive white Democrats seem to think that the Voter Rights Act is something that’s only supposed to happen to other people.

PS: Hey, remember: the Online Left has been wrestling with the demons of their own racism for years.

How the Daily Kos did NOT sanitize its Weinergate coverage.

And why you should care.

It all started when I decided to drink some of the pain of the Activist Left.

I was reading Mickey Kaus – who himself is no slouch when it comes to despising the activists that have essentially destroyed his current and my former party – when he linked to this in-retrospect-unfortunate Tweet by Kos referencing dKos’ rather embarrassingly wrong conspiracy theory about what was going on with Anthony Weiner and pictures of his genitalia*. Tasty, tasty spinning of what was in the end a straightforward, if sordid situation involving a Congressman with too much of a sense of entitlement… but I kind of wanted to see some more wrongheadedness. I freely admit it: there is schadenfreude involved here; I’m not yet a Buddha.

Fortunately, thanks to the miracle of tags you can do things like search for related stories, so I clicked on the #twitterhoax tag. No entries show up. So I scroll down to the search function, punch in ‘twitterhoax,’ and discover that ‘#twitterhoax’ brings back 14 entries, and ‘twitterhoax‘ brings back 1. But none of the ‘#twitterhoax’ entries can actually be called up, while the ‘twitterhoax’ one can be. In other words, an entire set of (embarrassingly wrong) stories just happen to have had their tags not working. Continue reading How the Daily Kos did NOT sanitize its Weinergate coverage.

Pollster hammers in some nails to the R2000 coffin.

Much as I’d like the dKos/R2000 dustup to be the metaphorical equivalent of this, Mark Blumenthal’s comments here suggest that Research 2000 is, well, toast.

By far the most troubling part of [Research 2000 president Del] Ali’s response comes in these two sentences (left in their original form including typographical errors):

Regardless though. to you so-called polling experts, each sub grouping, gender, race, party ID, etc must equal the top line number or come pretty darn close. Yes we weight heavily and I will, using te margin of error adjust the top line and when adjusted under my discretion as both a pollster and social scientist, therefore all sub groups must be adjusted as well.

“Top line” in this context means the results for the full sample rather than a subgroup, but it still unclear exactly which “top line numbers” Ali is referring to. If he means the results of attitude questions — vote preference horse-race numbers, favorable ratings, issue questions or possibly even the party identification question — he comes close to admitting a practice that every pollster I know would consider deceptive and unethical. “Scientific” political surveys are supposed to provide objective measurements of attitudes and preferences. As such pollsters and social scientists never have the “discretion” to simply “adjust” the substantive results of their surveys, within the margin of error or otherwise. As a pollster friend put it in an email he sent me a few minutes after reading Ali’s statement: “That’s not polling. It’s Jeanne Dixon polling.”

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#rsrh What to do with R2000 polls?

The falling-out – and fallout – between Research 2000 and the Daily Kos has been entertaining, and promises to be much so in the future.   The counter-suing has already begun (by the way; every lawyer I know is goggle-eyed at the way that Moulitsas’ attorney has set himself and his client up for a defamation lawsuit, completely independent of the fraud lawsuit), and both sides seem determined to make me cheerfully root for injuries, so this is going to be fun.

But there is a serious question: what do we do about the polls out there now?

DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas is asking poll-trackers to remove from their sites what he calls the “bunk” Research 2000 polls he once sponsored, after he expressed doubt on the accuracy of the company’s numbers. And if poll-trackers comply, some Republicans could see a bump in their poll averages on those sites.

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So. Daily Kos and the Pittsburgh shooting.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers. You might enjoy the tank post. [UPDATE the second]: And welcome again; this time I’m going to suggest that you go buy Rules for Radicals, if only because the visitors from the two Lefty sites visiting here don’t want you to (I’d link, but I’m pretty sure that both sites are pro-torture.  Besides, Lefty sites are notorious for their readers not actually clicking through anyway.)

Are any of you wondering why he’s gone Full Metal Moonbat over this (see also Jim Treacher and Hot Air)*?


Last year.

Nah, me neither.

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