There will be one more ‘By Eric Flint’ 163X book.

Which is… well, ‘nice’ isn’t the right word. But at least it’ll be one last book of Eric’s.

September 2023
1638: The Siberian Enterprise by Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett & Gorg Huff—hardcover

There’s some more under-contract books that will be deemed ‘With Eric Flint,’ and anything more than that will depend on getting permission from Eric Flint’s widow and heir Lucille Robbins. It sounds like they do want to keep the series running, at least for a while. Hopefully there won’t be too much disruption of the existing Ring of Fire community. Hopefully.

Eric Flint’s RIVERS OF WAR series to finally resume!

This is excellent news:

For those unaware, Rivers of War is Flint’s alternate history of the American frontier. He picked an interesting divergence point (Sam Houston only getting slightly wounded at a particular battle), and then things went interestingly weird from there. So interestingly weird I had to delete the details, because spoilers.

It’s one of my favorite series, and I’ve been waiting years for Flint to get past two books in it. Something to look forward to in 2023!


Book of the Week: All the Plagues of Hell.

eARC from Baen, and I don’t care: I love eARCs. Eric Flint & Dave Freer’s All the Plagues of Hell is the latest in their Heirs of Alexandria alternate history series: it’s set in a Renaissance Italy where magic works and there’s a bunch of gods wandering around. It’s quite fun; this is the first new book in a while.  It’s also what I’m reading today, so there we go.  Book of the Week, all neat and tidy-like.

Book of the Week: 1636: The Kremlin Games.

Been reading the 163x Grantville alternate history series again, mostly because I wanted to. 1636: The Kremlin Games (authors Eric Flint, Gorg Huff, and Paula Goodlett) is a reasonably standalone novel in that series, and pretty engrossing.  Russia’s always an interesting locale to put a speculative fiction story, not least because the place seems half-fantastic to Western readers anyway.

And so, adieu to The Day of the Triffids.

‘1636: The Ottoman Onslaught’ finally dropped on Baen Ebooks.

This is the Advanced Reader’s Copy of 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught, of course.  I know some people don’t like those, but I can live with the occasional grammatical error and glitch in exchange for getting the book early – so I’m going to keep mentioning these when they come out and that’s just the way it is, folks.  Alas, alack.

Also alas, alack: haven’t had a chance to read it yet.  Combination of kid’s homework, roast chicken cooking, and the usual… usual.  You’d think that I’d figure out by now that the best anodyne is work…