Apparently legit UK ad for nanny for haunted house.

(Via Facebook) As in, the family in question really is trying to hire a nanny who can get her head around the fact that the house is reputedly haunted.  They’re offering live-in boarding, fifty thousand pounds a year, and four weeks paid vacation. They’ve gone through something like five nannies in the last year. This apparently isn’t a joke, or anything.

Personally, I’d tell someone to take the job whether they believed in ghosts or not (I am rather skeptical about the existence of ghosts). If they don’t believe in ghosts, then there’s no problem at all. If they do believe in ghosts, well: the family is still living in that place and nothing’s happened to them. Perhaps there’s some trick to getting along with the ghosts, even if it’s something as simple (and hopefully, reflexive) like common politeness. The literature is full of anecdotes of people who happily live in allegedly haunted houses.

Besides, there’s that four weeks paid vacation. That’s quite a lot, really.

Ghosts behaving badly? (NSFW)

Why do people send me these things?

…OK, OK, I know perfectly well why people send me these things.

Ohio Woman Claims Granddaughter Snapped Picture of Ghosts Having Sex

An Ohio woman got the full news treatment from a local station after she said her granddaughter snapped a picture of two ghosts. But wait, it gets better. These weren’t just any two ghosts. Apparently, these two ghosts were having sex.


You can see the picture below and see if you agree (we’ll refrain from describing it, but suffice it to say if you stare at it long enough you’ll eventually see what Dianne saw):

You will have to click through to see the video, so spoiler after the fold: Continue reading Ghosts behaving badly? (NSFW)