I could use a blind playtesting group for the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG worldbook.

Both a group that has familiarity with GUMSHOE, and one that does not would be acceptable; or, indeed, both. I’d learn different things from each. Either way, if people are interested I’d need them to grab the rules and play the game in August, and get back to me with feedback by the end of August. Hopefully by then I’ll have an editor to go through the text so I can get it to the layout artist and then get it back to be sold. And maybe the print run Kickstarted.

Either way: if you’re interested, feel free to apply via comments here or email me via Backerkit. If you backed the Kickstarter then you should already have the playtest version in your mailbox already; if you did not, well, it comes free with FROZEN DREAMS in certain pre-orders and I’ve reopened the store.

07/09/2020 Report, FERMI RESOLUTION RPG Worldbook: 31,000/37,800

I powered through both the magic and the religion sections today, because those two are related in terms of mechanics and I thought it’d be easier to just get it all done at once. Tomorrow I think I can just burn through the last three original sections left and then spend the weekend punching up the rest. The goal is to hand it off to a couple of folks I’m consulting with next week and see what they think.

After that, I can get on with the sonnets. And the adventure which I’m going to run for the session*. And after that, I’ve… run out of stuff to do? I could get back to normal? But what is normal, really? I’ve kind of forgotten by now.

Moe Lane

*No, I haven’t forgotten the books. The books start getting processed this weekend. Letter, sign, wrap, label, send out, yay!