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PS: New chapbook hopefully coming by the end of the year. KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES.

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I spent today doing something useful with my time: book outlines! I decided that it’d be a good idea to write out one for PATCHWORK GOD (sequel to a story in ANAGNORISIS) and TINSEL RAIN (the Shamus Tom Vargas sequel to FROZEN DREAMS). How… industrious of me.

Moe Lane

PS: I won’t tell you the details, save one: the last line of the TINSEL RAIN outline is There! Now people can have a bunch of goram sequels. Happy? …As you might deduce from that, I had not previously intended to turn FROZEN DREAMS itself into a series. But I can take a hint.

ANAGNORISIS goes live tomorrow!

You can still pre-order ANAGNORISIS today, though. Thus making sure that… the sale gets locked in, I suppose. It feels important, though. Maybe it’s a morale thing? Yeah, that makes sense. I just had the most frustrating afternoon, trying to get short story title headings working in Scrivener/Open Office. Curse you, .docx! We hates you! We hates you forever!

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Announcing ANAGNORISIS (4 short stories, 32K words, September 1st).

It’s not ready, yet: I have four days to do more edits and last-minute changes, and I plan to use them. But this is the tentative cover for ANAGNORISIS. Artwork via my mom, because when you have an advantage, take it. You can sign up for my mailing list and be notified when the book’s available for pre-order, too.