The Goodreads Giveaway is 10% completed!

As you might recall, I am doing a giveaway drive. If I get ten (now nine!) more physical book sales from Backerkit, I will give away five physical books on Goodreads. Exciting, yes? Link for the Backerkit store here. $10 and $30 tiers only, alas.

Also: consider signing up for my mailing list for future updates! We’ve got things coming up this fall and winter, so it’s even reasonable!

Not thrilled about the Audible delay for FROZEN DREAMS, either.

From what I can tell, apparently everybody in the world decided to record an audiobook this year, and they don’t have the staff to process everybody’s entry in less than 30 business days. Technically, it’s only been 17 business days for me, but I have to start assuming that the FROZEN DREAMS audiobook will not be ready on September 1st. There’s no deadline, strictly speaking, but I’d like it off my to-do list*.

Alas. At least it’s paid for. And you can still get the regular book, of course.

Moe Lane

*I’d also like whatever royalties accrue from it, too. Purchases this month will directly impact the November Kickstarter for the short story collection.

Announcing a FROZEN DREAMS Giveaway Challenge!

It’s a little complicated, but it goes like this: as soon as I get ten new physical orders for FROZEN DREAMS (either the $10 physical signed copy or the $30 Post-Kickstarter tiers) in the pre-order store, I will do a Goodreads giveaway of five copies of the print book! …All right, so it isn’t very complicated. Still, it’s a giveaway, hey?

Moe Lane

PS: This is gonna be the pre-order store, not Amazon. My original book budget assumed more in the way of physical conventions; I gotta get some of this stock out the door.

PPS: I’m not in the hole for anything; those books are sunk costs. I mostly would like to stop using underneath the dining room table for storage space.

Today was a Smashwords sort of day.

I’ve been working on the Smashwords stuff today: updating my profile, self-creating an interview, and reading a book on the subject. Well, all right, I started reading the book first. That’s why I updated my profile and created the interview. It’s like everything else in the world, really. The work’s gotta get done, and if you don’t do the work, nobody’s going to swoop in and do it for you.

You can find the Smashwords version of FROZEN DREAMS here. The next book will go up more easily, I think. I’m already noting where I made mistakes the last time.

There are still some signed copies of FROZEN DREAMS available!

They can be found here in the pre-order store. I had budgeted in some extra copies for conventions, you understand. Only, there are no conventions. So, ten bucks plus shipping and handling gets you your own copy of FROZEN DREAMS! A bargain, I feel.

Alternatively, you can order FROZEN DREAMS on Amazon or Smashwords. It’s all good, man. But the more I sell this month, the more I’ll have to work with when the next project goes online this autumn…

A good full month for FROZEN DREAMS.

Sales have dropped down over the last week, alas – but between Amazon (buy it here), Backerkit pre-orders (take advantage of the preorder store here before I get rid of the specials), and Smashwords (get non-Mobi formats here – and it’s on sale, too!) I’ve hit my target number for the month. I’ve also saturated the market at this point, probably, but starting tomorrow the next two books get prepped* (and, of course, the RPG worldbook will get playtested, and the audiobook is in final review). So, hey, successful month all around.

Moe Lane

*Short story collection and novel. Trying to figure out how many stories to put in the former.

FROZEN DREAMS audiobook away! …to backers, at least.

If you backed FROZEN DREAMS at the ADVENTURER level or above, you should be getting your email link to the Dropbox link to the audiobook files right about now. It’s a big one — which was a shock to me, and it shouldn’t have been. I mean, it’s a collection of hours’ worth of audio files. Those are going to be big, period.

Next up: sonnets and adventure for the game. And all other the stuff I gotta do. One project is to get the new manuscript ready for alpha reader by September 1st.

The audio files for the FROZEN DREAMS audiobook are done…

…and sent back to the producer for final revisions and whatnot. There was nothing major, so the changes themselves aren’t going to take too long. However, I don’t know how long Amazon is going to take to process the files for final submission.

But once the files are back from our revisions I can get on with distributing them to Kickstarter backers, which will blue out another entry on the Action Plan. Not much left on that front, really. Huzzah!

Moe Lane

PS: Buy the book!