GURPS is, appropriately, 23% off for Gen Con.

23% because fnord.  However, I don’t think that that includes the print on demand stuff, but I can wholeheartedly recommend GURPS Vorkosigan Saga, even if you don’t play RPGs.  It’s got a lot of information about Lois McMaster Bujold’s universe in it, all nicely organized and laid out.  …You do read Bujold, I hope? I’d hate to think that any of my readers might be missing out on one of the best science fiction / fantasy writers I can think off offhand.


Gen Con sells out.

Of badges:

​Gen Con Sells Out Historic 50th Convention

Indianapolis (August 14, 2017) Gen Con, North America’s longest-running and best-attended tabletop game convention, has announced a complete sellout of badges for its 50th convention to be held August 17-20 in the Indiana Convention Center. The convention will not sell badges on-site and attendees, as in prior years, will be asked to display their badges while attending the show. In addition to its 50th convention, this Gen Con marks 15 years in Indianapolis.

(Via @SJGames)

They sold out of four-day passes last month, but this news means that the one-day passes are now officially gone, too.  So if you were planning to just buy entrance at the door, well, there’s always the Indiana State Fair.  Those are always fun*.

Moe Lane

*They legit are, actually.  So you might as well go if you’re in Indianapolis this weekend, because you ain’t going to Gen Con unless you already bought your ticket…

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Out of curiosity: who here goes to Gen Con?

Or Origins, or San Diego Comic-Con, or one of the various PAXs (PACES?), or another of the really big gaming/comic book cons? It’s far too late for me to arrange to go to Gen Con this year, of course – no, really, the scheduling the family’s done for August is assuming that I’ll be manning the Command Center* – but next year I need to be thinking about this stuff, particularly if I want to, you know, professionally network and so forth. (more…)

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